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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jul-2016Uncertainties in seismic design of free-standing HDSFS RacksGonzalez Merino, AlbertoCostas de la Peña, LuisGonzález, Arturo
10-Aug-2017Uncertainty quantification and calibration of a modified fracture mechanics model for reliability-based inspection planningZou, GuangBanisoleiman, KianGonzález, Arturo
Dec-2013The use of a dynamic truck-trailer drive-by system to monitor bridge dampingKeenahan, JenniferO'Brien, Eugene J.McGetrick, P.González, Arturo
26-May-2019The use of accelerometers in UAVs for bridge health monitoringFeng, KunCasero, MiguelGonzález, Arturo
Sep-2007The Use of Ramp Superposition to Analyse the Influence of Road Irregularities on Maximum Beam Stresses due to a Moving LoadCantero, DanielGonzález, ArturoO'Brien, Eugene J.
Jun-2008The use of vehicle acceleration measurements to estimate road roughnessGonzález, ArturoO'Brien, Eugene J.Li, YingyanCashell, K.
3-Jul-2009The use of wavelets on the response of a beam to a calibrated vehicle for damage detectionGonzález, ArturoHester, David
Sep-2012Using Instrumented Vehicles to Detect Damage in BridgesO'Brien, Eugene J.Keenahan, JenniferMcGetrick, P.González, Arturo
22-Jul-2012Using instrumented vehicles to detect damage in bridgesKeenahan, JenniferMcGetrick, P.O'Brien, Eugene J.González, Arturo
3-Mar-2018Value of inspection in fatigue management of steel structuresZou, GuangBanisoleiman, KianGonzález, Arturo
4-May-2018Value of inspection in steel structural integrity managementZou, GuangBanisoleiman, KianGonzález, Arturo
17-Aug-2010Vehicle-bridge dynamic interaction using finite element modellingGonzález, Arturo
2010Vehicle-bridge dynamic interaction using finite element modellingGonzález, Arturo
30-Aug-2018Vibration tests of an underwater free-standing 2-rack systemGonzalez Merino, AlbertoCostas de la Peña, LuisGonzález, Arturo
15-Apr-2015The Virtual Axle concept for detection of localised damage using Bridge Weigh-in-Motion dataCantero, DanielKaroumi, RaidGonzález, Arturo
Nov-2006Wavelet domain analysis for identification of vehicle axles from bridge measurementsChatterjee, PraneshO'Brien, Eugene J.Li, YingyanGonzález, Arturo
Apr-2012A wavelet-based damage detection algorithm based on bridge acceleration response to a vehicleHester, DavidGonzález, Arturo
Jun-2001Weighing-In-Motion of Axles and Vehicles for Europe (WAVE) WP1.2: Bridge WIM SystemsO'Brien, Eugene J.Znidaric, AlesBaumgärtner, WernerGonzález, ArturoMcNulty, Peteret al.