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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2014Hidden Wealth from the SEAGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)
Dec-2014'Hurdle' your way to seafood safetyGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)
2008Increasing Functionality of apple productsKeenan, DerekRoessle, ChristianGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)
1971The Influence of Peat Soil on Crop QualityGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)
2006Inherent functionality:-a useful term for consumer information?Gormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)
1978Investigation of the Potential of Porridge as a Hypocholesterolaemic AgentGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)Kevany, J.O'Donnell, al.
1975A Laboratory Scale Liquid Nitrogen FreezerGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)
1975A Laboratory Vacuum CoolerGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)
2013A lunch box for tomorrow: Outcomes from the EFFoST annual meeting 2012, Montpellier, FranceGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)
1982Many School Lunches Deficient in NutrientsMcLaughlin, BernadetteGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)Wickham, Claire
Feb-2018Marinating: - an opportunity for flavour innovationGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)
Feb-2016MarrineTerrine - a high fibre productGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)
1976Measuring CO2 in air using glass sample tubes and GCGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)
1976A method for measuring tomato fruit firmness using a modified shear pressGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)Keppel, D.
1991Monitoring mushroom temperature in the chill chainGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)
1986Mushroom Processing Retaining Colour Without Losing WeightGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)Walshe, P.E.
1992A Note on Consumer Preference of Smoked Salmon ColourGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)
1993A Note on the Effect of Long-Term Frozen Storage on Some Quality Parameters of Silver Smelt (Argentinus silus)Gormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)Ward, PaddySomers, J.
1993A Note on the Evaluation of Wheaten Breads Containing Oat Flour or Oat FlakesGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)Morrissey, A.
1982Nutritional Quality of Children's School Pack LunchesMcLaughlin, BernadetteGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)