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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-1998Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy in the Republic of Ireland, 1989-1997Griffin, John M.
Dec-2003Brucellosis (contagious abortion) in cattle: 1989 – 2002Hammond, Robert F.Griffin, John M.Sheahan, MichaelMaher, PeterO'Hagan, GarryHahesy, Tom
Mar-1993A case control study of non-reactor cattle that disclosed tuberculous lesions at slaughterDolan, Leonard A.Griffin, John M.
Jul-1994A case-control study on the association of selected risk factors with the occurrence of bovine tuberculosis within selected areas in the Republic of IrelandGriffin, John M.Martin, S. WayneThorburn, Meg A.Eves, John A.Hammond, Robert F.
Oct-2000A comparative assessment of serological assays used for the diagnosis of brucellosis in cattleTowey, KieranGriffin, John M.Williams, DavidSheahan, MichaelHeneghan, Terry
Oct-2000A compartmental model for the within-herd spread of M. bovis in Irish cattle herdsGriffin, John M.Williams, David
20-May-2020COVID-19 epidemiological parameters summary documentMore, Simon JohnMcAloon, Conor G.Griffin, John M.Casey, MiriamBarber, AnnLane, ElizabethByrne, Andrew W.Collins, Áine B.McEvoy, DavidHunt, KevinButler, FrancisWall, Patrick G.
Feb-1992Description of a badger-related outbreak of bovine tuberculosis in County DonegalGriffin, John M.
Jul-1994Development of a herd breakdown report form and an accompanying investigation formatGriffin, John M.O'Keeffe, JamesDolan, Leonard A.
Sep-1998The development of a simulation model for tuberculosis in cattleGriffin, John M.Williams, DavidWhite, PaulTowey, Kieran
Sep-1997The disclosure of tuberculous lesions at slaughter in cattle from attested herds in Co. Monaghan in 1994 and 1995White, PaulGriffin, John M.
Sep-1997The effect of a badger removal programme on the incidence of bovine tuberculosis in an Irish cattle populationO Máirtín, DónalWilliams, DavidGriffin, John M.Dolan, Leonard A.Eves, John A.
Jun-2002Eliciting expert opinion on the epidemiology of tuberculosis in cattle and the sensitivity and specificity of the tuberculin testGriffin, John M.Williams, David
Jun-2002The epidemiology and control of an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Ireland in 2001Griffin, John M.O'Reilly, Patrick J.
Sep-1997The epidemiology of BSE in the Republic of IrelandGriffin, John M.
Jul-1995The epidemiology of tuberculosis in cattle in the Republic of Ireland: observations in the role of cattle-to-cattle transmission of Mycobacterium bovisGriffin, John M.Dolan, Leonard A.
27-Apr-2021Estimation of the serial interval and proportion of pre-symptomatic transmission events of COVID-19 in Ireland using contact tracing dataMcAloon, Conor G.Wall, Patrick G.Griffin, John M.Casey, MiriamBarber, AnnCodd, MaryGormley, EamonnButler, FrancisMessam, Locksley L. McV.O'Grady, LukeMore, Simon Johnet al.
Jun-2002Evaluation of different cow cull scenarios on the national prevalence of Bovine Spongiform EncephalopathyGriffin, John M.
Sep-1997Evaluation of the contribution of infected badger populations to the prevalence of bovine tuberculosis in the Republic of Ireland: outline of a field trialGriffin, John M.
Nov-1990First reportPowell, W. JohnHahesy, TomHammond, Robert F.Dolan, Leonard A.Lynch, KevinChristiansen, Kathryn H.Griffin, John M.Collins, John D.Crilly, Jim