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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Aug-2017The bimodal fluid evolution of the Nimbus Zn-Ag deposit: an Archean VHMS with epithermal characteristicsCaruso, StefanoFiorentini, Marco L.LaFlamme, CrystalHollis, Steven al.
23-Aug-2017Clumped C-O isotope temperature constraints for carbonate precipitation associated with Irish-type Zn-Pb orebodiesHollis, Steven P.Menuge, JulianDoran, AileenGüven, Johnet al.
3-Apr-2017Clumped C-O isotope temperature constraints for carbonate precipitation associated with the Irish-type Lisheen and Navan Zn-Pb orebodiesHollis, Steven P.Menuge, JulianDennis, PaulDoran, AileenGüven, Johnet al.
12-Aug-2017A comparison between clumped C-O and fluid inclusion temperatures for carbonates associated with Irish-type Zn-Pb orebodiesHollis, Steven P.Doran, AileenMenuge, JulianGüven, Johnet al.
4-Sep-2016Constraining fluid mixing processes at the Irish-type Lisheen and Navan Zn-Pb orebodies: preliminary evidence from clumped C-O isotopesHollis, Steven P.Menuge, JulianDennis, PaulGüven, Johnet al.
14-May-2017Controls on the formation of a large Zn-Pb Irish-type deposit: evidence from the Navan halosMarks, Freya R.Menuge, JulianBoyce, AdrianHollis, Steven P.
23-Aug-2017Enhancing current understanding of Irish Zn-Pb mineralization: a closer look at the Island Pod orebody, Lisheen depositDoran, AileenMenuge, JulianHollis, Steven P.Güven, JohnDennis, Paul
21-Feb-2016Geochemical and hyperspectral halos associated with VHMS deposits of the Eastern Goldfields Superterrane, Western Australia: insights from the Nimbus, Teutonic Bore and King depositsHollis, Steven P.Gillespie, PaulPodmore, Darrylet al.
1-Jan-2019The origin and nature of hydraulic fractures and veins within the Burren, County Clare, IrelandWalsh, John J.Moore, John PaulBunce, ColinHollis, Steven P.Kelly, J. (John)Menuge, JF
5-Mar-2017Preliminary paragenetic studies of the high grade Island Pod Zn-Pb orebody, LisheenDoran, AileenMenuge, JulianHollis, Steven P.Güven, John
25-Feb-2018Preliminary structural constraints from the Tyrone Igneous Complex and its metamorphic basementHollis, Steven P.Torremans, KoenCooper, Mark
3-Apr-2017Targeting VHMS mineralization at Erayinia in the Archaean Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: geochemical and hyperspectral halosHollis, Steven P.Podmore, DarrylJames, M.