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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2010Detecting highly overlapping communities with Model-based Overlapping Seed ExpansionMcDaid, AaronHurley, Neil J.
25-Jul-2010Detecting highly overlapping community structure by greedy clique expansionLee, ConradMcDaid, AaronReid, FergalHurley, Neil J.
26-Sep-2020A Distributed Asynchronous Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework for Recommender SystemsShi, BichenTragos, EliasOzsoy, Makbule GulcinDong, RuihaiSmyth, BarryHurley, Neil J.Lawlor, Aonghus
12-Dec-2019Engineering a Parallel ∆-stepping AlgorithmDuriakova, ErikaAjwani, DeepakHurley, Neil J.
18-Sep-2019Evaluating Hierarchies through A Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes MethodologyHuáng, WěipéngPiao, GuangyuanMoreno, RaulHurley, Neil J.
14-Sep-2017Evaluation of Hierarchical Clustering via Markov Decision Processes for Efficient Navigation and SearchMoreno, RaulHuáng, WěipéngYounus, ArjumandO'Mahony, Michael P.Hurley, Neil J.
Oct-2014Exploring Tweet Engagement in the RecSys 2014 Data ChallengeWasilewski, JacekHurley, Neil J.
27-Aug-2020FedFast: Going Beyond Average for Faster Training of Federated Recommender SystemsMuhammad, KhalilWang, QinqinO'Reilly-Morgan, DiarmuidTragos, EliasSmyth, BarryHurley, Neil J.Geraci, JamesLawlor, Aonghus
24-Oct-2018A Framework for Enterprise Social Network Assessment and Weak Ties RecommendationGhaffar, FaisalBuda, Teodora SandraAssem, HaythamAfsharinejad, ArmitaHurley, Neil J.
1-Jan-2018Hashtagger+: Efficient High-Coverage Social Tagging of Streaming NewsShi, BichenPoghosyan, GevorgIfrim, GeorgianaHurley, Neil J.
19-Sep-2014Insight4News: Connecting News to Relevant Social ConversationsShi, BichenIfrim, GeorgianaHurley, Neil J.
31-Aug-2017Intent-aware Item-based Collaborative Filtering for Personalised DiversificationWasilewski, JacekHurley, Neil J.
15-Apr-2016Learning-to-Rank for Real-Time High-Precision Hashtag Recommendation for Streaming NewsIfrim, GeorgianaShi, BichenHurley, Neil J.
20-Aug-2014Overlapping Stochastic Community FindingMcDaid, AaronHurley, Neil J.Murphy, Thomas Brendan
19-Sep-2019PDMFRec: A Decentralised Matrix Factorisation with Tunable User-centric PrivacyDuriakova, ErikaTragos, EliasSmyth, BarryHurley, Neil J.Peña, FranciscoSymeonidis, PanagiotisGeraci, JamesLawlor, Aonghus
21-Jul-2017Personalised Diversification Using Intent-Aware PortfolioWasilewski, JacekHurley, Neil J.
16-Oct-2013Personalised Ranking with DiversityHurley, Neil J.
28-Aug-2015Reformulations of the Map Equation for Community Finding and BlockmodellingHurley, Neil J.Duriakova, Erika
31-Aug-2018SCCD: Social Capital-Driven Career Development FrameworkGhaffar, FaisalBuda, Teodora SandraAssem, HaythamAfsharinejad, ArmitaHurley, Neil J.
20-Sep-2019A Soft Affiliation Graph Model for Scalable Overlapping Community DetectionLaitonjam, NishmaHuáng, WěipéngHurley, Neil J.