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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2001Alcohol consumption among 11-16 year olds:"Getting around" structural barriers?Hyde, AbbeyTreacy, Margaret P.Boland, JennieWhitaker, TeresaAbaunza, Pilar SantosKnox, Barbara
15-Nov-2008Controlling response shift bias: The use of the retrospective pre-test design in the evaluation of a master's programmeDrennan, JonathanHyde, Abbey
15-Nov-2008Controlling response shift bias: The use of the retrospective pre-test design in the evaluation of a master's programmeDrennan, JonathanHyde, Abbey
20-Nov-2013The development of a shared e-learning resource across three distinct programmes based at universities in England, Ireland and ScotlandHyde, AbbeyMcGarry, JulieThompson, Sueet al.
22-Jul-2020Discourses and critiques of breastfeeding and their implications for midwives and health professionalsSmyth, DawnHyde, Abbey
1-Mar-2017Doing relationships and sexuality education with young people in state careHyde, AbbeyFullerton, DeirdreMcKeown, Carolineet al.
29-Apr-2011The ending of menstruation: perspectives and experiences of lesbian and heterosexual women at menopauseHyde, AbbeyNee, JeanHowlett, EtaoineButler, MichelleDrennan, Jonathan
Dec-2005The focus group method: insights from focus group interviews on sexual health with adolescentsHyde, AbbeyHowlett, EtaoineBrady, DympnaDrennan, Jonathan
May-2009The fragmented discourse of the 'knowledgeable doer': nursing academics' and nurse managers' perspectives on a master's education for nursesDrennan, JonathanHyde, Abbey
Feb-1997Gender differences in the responses of parents to their daughter's non-marital pregnancyHyde, Abbey
17-Jun-2008Heterosexual experiences of secondary school pupils in Ireland: sexual coercion in contextHyde, AbbeyDrennan, JonathanHowlett, EtaoineBrady, Dympna
Nov-2001HIV-positive patients' experiences of stigma during hospitalisationSurlis, SiobhanHyde, Abbey
Mar-2010Hormone therapy and the medical encounter:  a qualitative analysis of women's experiencesHyde, AbbeyNee, JeanDrennan, JonathanButler, MichelleHowlett, Etaoine
May-1997Marriage and motherhood: the contradictory position of single mothersHyde, Abbey
Dec-2005Masculinities and young men's sex education needs: problematising client centred health promotion approachesHyde, AbbeyHowlett, EtaoineDrennan, JonathanBrady, Dympna
Nov-1999Matrilocality and female power: single mothers in extended householdsHyde, Abbey
May-1997The medicalisation of childbearing norms: encounters between unmarried pregnant women and medical personnel in an Irish contextHyde, Abbey
Jun-2010Menopause narratives: the interplay of women's embodied experiences with biomedical discoursesHyde, AbbeyNee, JeanHowlett, EtaoineDrennan, JonathanButler, Michelle
Jun-2004Midwifery practice and the crisis of modernity: implications for the role of the midwifeHyde, AbbeyRoche-Reid, Bernadette
Jun-2005Modes of rationality in nursing documentation: biology, biography and the 'voice of nursing'Hyde, AbbeyTreacy, Margaret P.Scott, Anne P.Butler, MichelleDrennan, JonathanIrving, KateByrne, AnneMacNeela, PadraigHanrahan, Marian