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2015Band excitation Kelvin probe force microscopy utilizing photothermal excitationCollins, LiamJesse, S.Balke, NinaRodriguez, Brian al.
9-Oct-2014Breaking the limits of structural and mechanical imaging of the heterogeneous structure of coal maceralsCollins, LiamTselev, A.Jesse, S.Rodriguez, Brian al.
Jun-2007Controlling polarization dynamics in a liquid environment: from localized to macroscopic switching in ferroelectricsRodriguez, Brian J.Jesse, S.Baddorf, A. al.
7-Jan-2008Direct measurement of periodic electric forces in liquidsRodriguez, Brian J.Jesse, S.Seal, al.
Aug-2005Electromechanical imaging of biological systems with sub-10 nm resolutionKalinin, S. V.Rodriguez, Brian J.Jesse, al.
30-Aug-2007Fabrication, dynamics, and electrical properties of insulated scanning probe microscopy probes for electrical and electromechanical imaging in liquidsRodriguez, Brian J.Jesse, S.Seal, al.
4-Dec-2007High frequency piezoresponse force microscopy in the 1-10 MHz regimeSeal, K.Jesse, S.Rodriguez, Brian al.
Jun-2006High Resolution Electromechanical Imaging of Ferroelectric Materials in a Liquid Environment by Piezoresponse Force MicroscopyRodriguez, Brian J.Jesse, S.Baddorf, A. P.Kalinin, S. V.
19-Jan-2015Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy in liquid using Electrochemical Force MicroscopyCollins, LiamJesse, S.Kilpatrick, J. I.Rodriguez, Brian al.
11-Jun-2008Local probing of relaxation time distributions in ferroelectric polymer nanomesas: Time-resolved piezoresponse force spectroscopy and spectroscopic imagingRodriguez, Brian J.Jesse, S.Kim, Jiheeet al.
Sep-2009Mapping bias-induced phase stability and random fields in relaxor ferroelectricsRodriguez, Brian J.Jesse, S.Bokov, A. A.Ye, Z. -G.Kalinin, S. V.
22-Mar-2007Nanoscale polarization manipulation and imaging of ferroelectric Langmuir-Blodgett polymer filmsRodriguez, Brian J.Jesse, S.Kalinin, S. al.
Apr-2008Probing the role of single defects on the thermodynamics of electric-field induced phase transitionsKalinin, S. V.Jesse, S.Rodriguez, Brian al.
24-May-2007Quantitative determination of tip parameters in piezoresponse force microscopyKalinin, S. V.Jesse, S.Rodriguez, Brian al.
Aug-2010Real space mapping of polarization dynamics and hysteresis loop formation in relaxor-ferroelectric PbMg1/3Nb2/3O3-PbTiO3 solid solutionsRodriguez, Brian J.Jesse, S.Morozovska, A. al.
Apr-2006Scanning frequency mixing microscopy of high-frequency transport behavior at electroactive interfacesRodriguez, Brian J.Jesse, S.Meunier, VincentKalinin, S. V.
5-Oct-2009Spatial distribution of relaxation behavior on the surface of a ferroelectric relaxor in the ergodic phaseKalinin, S. V.Rodriguez, Brian J.Jesse, al.
Jun-2006Vector piezoresponse force microscopyKalinin, S. V.Rodriguez, Brian J.Jesse, al.