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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Dec-2011An in vivo root hair assay for determining rates of apoptotic-like programmed cell death in plantsKacprzyk, JoannaO'Reilly, ConorGallois, PatricMcCabe, Paul F.Hogg, Bridget V .Molony, Elizabeth M.Gallagher, Thomas F.
20-Feb-2014Light influences how the fungal toxin deoxynivalenol affects plant cell death and defense responsesAnsari, Khairul I.Doyle, Siamsa M.Kacprzyk, JoannaArunachalam, Chanemouga SoundharamMcCabe, Paul F.Doohan, Fiona al.
1-Apr-2016Methods to study plant programmed cell deathKacprzyk, JoannaDauphinee, Adrian N.Gallois, PatrickGunawardena, Arunika H. L. A. N.McCabe, Paul F.
2017A potent anti-inflammatory response in bat macrophages may be linked to extended longevity and viral toleranceKacprzyk, JoannaHughes, Graham M.Palsson-McDermott, Eva M.Quinn, Susan R.Puechmaille, Sebastien J.O'Neill, Luke A. J.Teeling, Emma C.
1-Jul-2017The retraction of the protoplast during PCD is an active, and interruptible, calcium-flux driven processKacprzyk, JoannaBrogan, Niall P.Daly, Cara T.Doyle, Siamsa M.Diamond, MarkMolony, Elizabeth M.McCabe, Paul F.
1-Jan-2015A root hair assay to expedite cell death researchKacprzyk, JoannaMcCabe, Paul F.
1-Aug-2016Wing membrane biopsies for bat cytogenetics: Finding of 2n = 54 in irish Rhinolophus hipposideros (rhinolophidae, chiroptera, mammalia) supports two geographically separated chromosomal variants in EuropeKacprzyk, JoannaTeeling, Emma C.Kelleher, C. (Conor)Volleth, Marianne