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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2009Characterisation of a surrogate lung material made of polyurethane foam and fluid-filled gelatine microcapsulesParsa, Hamid KhaliliIvankovic, AlojzKarac, Aleksandar
Sep-2011Characterisation of the fracture energy and toughening mechanisms of a nano-toughened epoxy adhesiveMcAuliffe, DavidKarac, AleksandarMurphy, Nealet al.
2012Determination of the cohesive strength and toughening mechanisms of a nano-modified adhesive under a triaxial stress stateMcAuliffe, DavidKarac, AleksandarMurphy, Nealet al.
2012Development of a Finite Volume Based Structural Solver for Large Rotation of Non-Orthogonal MeshesCardiff, PhilipIvankovic, AlojzKarac, Aleksandaret al.
Nov-2012Development of a finite volume contact solver based on the penalty methodCardiff, PhilipKarac, AleksandarIvankovic, Alojz
3-Dec-2013Development of a Hip Joint Model for Finite Volume SimulationsCardiff, PhilipKarac, AleksandarFitzPatrick, David al.
7-Apr-2014Development of mapped stress-field boundary conditions based on a Hill-type muscle modelCardiff, PhilipKarac, AleksandarFitzPatrick, David al.
2009The Effect of Constraint on the Fracture Toughness of Adhesively Bonded JointsCooper, V.Ivankovic, AlojzKarac, Aleksandaret al.
Nov-2012Effects of bond gap thickness on the fracture of nano-toughened epoxy adhesive jointsCooper, V.Ivankovic, AlojzKarac, Aleksandaret al.
2011An Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Mixed-mode Fracture Toughness and Lap Shear Strength of Aerospace Grade Composite JointsMohan, JosephKarac, AleksandarMurphy, Nealet al.
5-Jul-2012Finite-volume stress analysis in multi-material linear elastic bodyTuković, ŽeljkoIvankovic, AlojzKarac, Aleksandar
2013The fracture behaviour of a nano-modified structural epoxy adhesiveMcAuliffe, DavidKarac, AleksandarIvankovic, Alojzet al.
Apr-2009Investigating the behaviour of fluid-filled polyethylene containers under base drop impact: A combined experimental/numerical approachKarac, AleksandarIvankovic, Alojz
Jan-2014A large strain finite volume method for orthotropic bodies with general material orientationsCardiff, PhilipKarac, AleksandarIvankovic, Alojz
2011Micro-Mechanical Modelling of Void Growth, Damage and Fracture of Nano-Phase Structural Adhesives Using the Finite Volume MethodLeonard, M.Murphy, NealKarac, Aleksandaret al.
2013Mode-mixity in beam-like geometries:  global partitioning with cohesive zonesConroy, MarkIvankovic, AlojzKarac, Aleksandaret al.
Apr-2011Modelling the fracture behaviour of adhesively-bonded joints as a function of test rateKarac, AleksandarBlackman, B. R. K.Cooper, al.
2011Modelling the Fracture Behaviour of Adhesively-Bonded Joints as a Function of Test Rate - A Rate Dependent CZM is Required to Predict the Full Range of BehaviourIvankovic, AlojzKarac, AleksandarBlackman, B. R. al.
Sep-2010Modelling the quasi-static behaviour of bituminous material using a cohesive zone modelTabakovic, AmirKarac, AleksandarIvankovic, AlojzGibney, AmandaMcNally, CiaranGilchrist, M. D.
Nov-2012A numerical investigation of spherical void growth in an elastic–plastic continuumLeonard, M.Murphy, NealKarac, Aleksandaret al.