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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Jul-2015Bitcoin and the Blockchain: a coup d'état in Digital Heterotopia?Kavanagh, DonnchaMiscione, Gianluca
Jul-2019The Bitcoin Game: Ethno-resonance as MethodKavanagh, DonnchaMiscione, GianlucaEnnis, Paul J.
6-Jul-2019Bureaucracy, Blockocracy and PowerKavanagh, DonnchaEnnis, Paul J.
12-Aug-2019Carnival in the global village: Re-imagining information infrastructuresKavanagh, DonnchaMiscione, Gianluca
8-Jul-2017Changing the Rules of the Game: Recasting the Legal and Ethical Foundation of Business and ManagementKavanagh, DonnchaBrigham, MartinBurton, Nicholas
Oct-2013Children : Their Place in Organization StudiesKavanagh, Donncha
May-2010(Children's) Play and OrganizationKuhling, CarmenKavanagh, DonnchaKeohane, Kieran
1995Chronigami: Folding and unfolding TimeKavanagh, DonnchaAraujo, Luis
Jun-2012The civilising tension at the heart of market-making: a case study of the stent industryLawlor, JimKavanagh, Donncha
2003Dancing with Discrimination: Managing Stigma and IdentityCusack, MauriceJack, GavinKavanagh, Donncha
21-Nov-2017The decline of the Quakers in the world of business: the role of corporate ethics and the lawBurton, NicholasKavanagh, DonnchaBrigham, Martin
9-Apr-2020The economic theology of QuakerismKavanagh, DonnchaBrigham, Martin
Jun-2006The End of the Shock of the NewLightfoot, GeoffLilley, SimonKavanagh, Donncha
1-Sep-2016The Ethics of Silence: The Sense of the MeetingKavanagh, DonnchaBrigham, Martin
4-Jul-2015Ethnography in and around an AlgorithmKavanagh, DonnchaMcGarraghy, SeanKelly, Séamas
5-Jul-2017Exploring the job/game boundary: the Klein bottle gameScally, KevinKavanagh, Donncha
Apr-2014Finance past, Finance future: A brief exploration of the evolution of financial practicesKavanagh, DonnchaLightfoot, GeoffLilley, Simon
10-Jul-2015Following Maslow - an outline theory of motivation for the individual firmScally, KevinKavanagh, Donncha
2021From performativity to normativity: the Gaelic Athletic Association as a case in pointKavanagh, DonnchaCusack, Michael
1994Hunt v Anderson: Round 16Kavanagh, Donncha