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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2014Finance past, Finance future: A brief exploration of the evolution of financial practicesKavanagh, DonnchaLightfoot, GeoffLilley, Simon
10-Jul-2015Following Maslow - an outline theory of motivation for the individual firmScally, KevinKavanagh, Donncha
2021From performativity to normativity: the Gaelic Athletic Association as a case in pointKavanagh, DonnchaCusack, Michael
1994Hunt v Anderson: Round 16Kavanagh, Donncha
Jul-2010The Inertia MovementKavanagh, DonnchaLightfoot, GeoffLilley, Simon
Jan-2015Infighting and fitting in: Following innovation in the stent actor-networkLawlor, JimKavanagh, Donncha
8-Jul-2017Infrastructures and their invisible carnivalesqueKavanagh, DonnchaMiscione, Gianluca
8-Jul-2017Infrastructures and their invisible carnivalesqueKavanagh, DonnchaMiscione, Gianluca
Jul-2009Institutional Heterogeneity and Change: The University as FoolKavanagh, Donncha
Sep-2010The international diffusion of project managementKavanagh, Donncha
Aug-2013The limits of visualisation: occularcentrism and organizationKavanagh, Donncha
Jul-2011The Lost Experiment in Exploration and ExploitationKavanagh, Donncha
1999Making, breaking and following rules: The Irvine caseKavanagh, Donncha
Jan-2009Management Technologies - Are they worth it? A normative study of ISO 9001 and Project ManagementKavanagh, DonnchaNaughton, EdCorkery, ElaineO'Sullivan, Kathleen
2000Management's HeritageKavanagh, Donncha
1999Marketing: You must be JokingKavanagh, DonnchaO'Sullivan, Don
1998Markets, Exchange and the ExtremeButtimer, Cornelius G.‏Kavanagh, Donncha
9-Jul-2016Me and my Avatar: acquiring actorial identityO'Tierney, Anthony J.Kavanagh, DonnchaScally, Kevin
2014Myth and the market : An introductionDesmond, JohnKavanagh, Donncha
Mar-2004Ocularcentrism and its Others: A Framework for Metatheoretical AnalysisKavanagh, Donncha