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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Jan-2019The Quakers and the Joint Stock Company: Uneasy BedfellowsKavanagh, DonnchaBrigham, Martin
29-Jun-2018The Quakers: Forgotten PioneersKavanagh, DonnchaBrigham, Martin
2001Reading Star Trek: Imagining, Theorizing, and Reflecting on Organizational Discourse and PracticeKavanagh, DonnchaKeohane, KieranKuhling, Carmen
2009The relationship between new technologies and strategic activitiesLawlor, JimKavanagh, Donncha
2014Restoring Phronesis and Practice: Marketing's Forgotten P'sKavanagh, Donncha
22-Jun-2018Rethinking the Corporation Through the Quaker Legacy to BusinessKavanagh, DonnchaBrigham, Martin
Jul-2010Reviewing March's VisionKavanagh, Donncha
2014Ríastartha - IntroductionKavanagh, Donncha
2007Running to Stand Still: Late Modernity's Acceleration FixationKavanagh, DonnchaLightfoot, GeoffLilley, Simon
4-Jul-2015The Sense of the Meeting: Silent OrganizationBrigham, MartinKavanagh, Donncha
Jul-2002Sensemaking, safety, and situated communities in (con)temporary networksKavanagh, DonnchaKelly, Séamas
2003Stories of the SubalternKavanagh, DonnchaO'Leary, MajellaÓ Giolláin, Diarmuid
Jan-2003Talk and Silence: Instantiations and ArticulationsKuhling, CarmenKeohane, KieranKavanagh, Donncha
22-Apr-2014Talking OrganizationKavanagh, Donncha
10-Jul-2013Theory GamesScally, KevinKavanagh, Donncha
Jul-2014Theory, the Uncanny and the SacredKavanagh, Donncha
5-Jul-2017'These our actors': the representation of players in the legal gameO'Tierney, Anthony J.Kavanagh, DonnchaScally, Kevin
10-Dec-2016Thoughts on Movement, Growth and an Anthropologically-Sensitive IS/Organization Studies: An Imagined Correspondence with Tim IngoldIngold, TimIntrona, LucasKavanagh, DonnchaKelly, Séamaset al.
Sep-2013Tiger talk : what is the academy saying and why?Kavanagh, Donncha
5-Sep-2018(Un)marketing the UncannyKavanagh, Donncha