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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2011Effect of energy harvesting network reactive support on transmission system voltage performanceCuffe, PaulSmith, PaulKeane, Andrew
Jan-2010Effect of generator flow control strategies on the long term dynamics of a model for power systemsFitzmaurice, RonanKeane, AndrewO'Malley, Mark
Feb-2011Effect of short-term risk-aversive dispatch on a complex system model for power systemsFitzmaurice, RonanKeane, AndrewO'Malley, Mark
Feb-2016Electrical and Thermal Characteristics of Household Appliances: Voltage Dependency, Harmonics and Thermal RC ParametersMcKenna, KillianKeane, Andrew
Feb-2011Enhanced utilization of voltage control resources with distributed generationKeane, AndrewOchoa, LuisVittal, EknathDent, ChrisHarrison, Gareth
Oct-2012Evaluation of Advanced Operation and Control of Distributed Wind Farms to Support Efficiency and ReliabilityKeane, AndrewCuffe, PaulDiskin, Ellenet al.
6-Mar-2017For Power Systems, Geography Doesn't Matter, But Electrical Structure DoesCuffe, PaulSáiz Marín, ElenaKeane, Andrew
21-Apr-2021Gas Network's Impact on Power System Voltage SecurityRabiee, AbbasKamwa, InnocentKeane, AndrewSoroudi, Alireza
Jul-2010Impact assessment of varying penetrations of electric vehicles on low voltage distribution systemsRichardson, PeterFlynn, DamianKeane, Andrew
Jun-2006Impact of distributed generation capacity on lossesKeane, AndrewO'Malley, Mark
Jun-2009Impact of high penetrations of micro-generation on low voltage distribution networksRichardson, PeterKeane, Andrew
Jul-2009Impact of wind turbine control strategies on voltage performanceVittal, EknathO'Malley, MarkKeane, Andrew
Apr-2017Information gap decision theory approach to deal with wind power uncertainty in unit commitmentSoroudi, AlirezaRabiee, AbbasKeane, Andrew
29-Nov-2015Information Gap Decision Theory Based Congestion and Voltage Management in the Presence of Uncertain Wind PowerMurphy, ConorSoroudi, AlirezaKeane, Andrew
Dec-2014Information Gap Decision Theory based OPF with HVDC Connected Wind FarmsRabiee, AbbasSoroudi, AlirezaKeane, Andrew
Jun-2010Ireland's Smart Grid demonstration projectsMcGranaghan, M. F.Fallon, T.Keane, Andrew
18-Nov-2016Local and Remote Estimations Using Fitted Polynomials on Distribution SystemsMurphy, ConorKeane, Andrew
Jun-2012Local Versus Centralized Charging Strategies for Electric Vehicles in Low Voltage Distribution SystemsRichardson, PeterFlynn, DamianKeane, Andrew
17-Oct-2019Methodology for Assessment of the Impact of Smart Transformers on Power System ReliabilityChen, JunruNouri, AlirezaKeane, AndrewO'Donnell, Terence
Nov-2011Minimising transmission reactive support required by high penetration of distributed wind power distributionOchoa, LuisKeane, AndrewDent, ChrisHarrison, Gareth