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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2013Reactive Power From Distributed Generators : Characterisation and Utilisation of the ResourceCuffe, Paul
10-Jun-2015Residential Load Modeling of Price Based Demand Response for Network Impact StudiesMcKenna, KillianKeane, Andrew
15-May-2017Resiliency Assessment of Electric Power Distribution SystemsAnsari, BananehSoroudi, AlirezaSimoes, Marcelo GodoyKeane, Andrew
2017Resiliency oriented integration of Distributed Series Reactors in transmission networksSoroudi, AlirezaMaghouli, PouryaKeane, Andrew
29-Oct-2019Resilient Decentralized Control of Inverter-interfaced Distributed Energy Sources in Low-voltage Distribution GridsNouri, AlirezaSoroudi, AlirezaKeane, Andrew
Aug-2021Resilient Identification of Distribution Network TopologyJafarian, MohammadSoroudi, AlirezaKeane, Andrew
10-Jun-2016Restoration in a Self-healing Distribution Network with DER and Flexible LoadsAnsari, BananehSimoes, Marcelo G.Soroudi, AlirezaKeane, Andrew
Oct-2015Risk-Averse Preventive Voltage Control of AC/DC Power Systems Including Wind Power GenerationRabiee, AbbasSoroudi, AlirezaKeane, Andrew
Oct-2015A Robust Computational Framework for Mid-Term Techno-Economical Assessment of Energy StorageMaghouli, PouryaSoroudi, AlirezaKeane, Andrew
9-Nov-2017Robust Multi-Objective PQ Scheduling for Electric Vehicles in Flexible Unbalanced Distribution GridsKnezović, KatarinaSoroudi, AlirezaKeane, AndrewMarinelli, Mattia
19-Dec-2014Robust optimization based EV chargingSoroudi, AlirezaKeane, Andrew
Feb-2012Rotor angle stability with high penetrations of wind generationVittal, EknathO'Malley, MarkKeane, Andrew
Jul-2010Simplified methods for renewable generation capacity credit calculation: A critical reviewDent, ChrisKeane, AndrewBialek, Janusz W.
Oct-2009A small - signal stability analysis of DFIG wind generationVittal, EknathO'Malley, MarkKeane, Andrew
17-Oct-2019Smart transformer Modelling in Optimal Power Flow AnalysisChen, JunruLi, RanSoroudi, AlirezaKeane, AndrewFlynn, DamianO'Donnell, Terence
2012State-of-the-Art Techniques and Challenges Ahead for Distributed Generation Planning and OptimizationKeane, AndrewOchoa, LuisBorges, Carmen L. al.
Feb-2010A steady-state voltage stability analysis of power systems with high penetrations of windVittal, EknathO'Malley, MarkKeane, Andrew
Jun-2011Stochastic analysis of the impact of electric vehicles on distribution networksRichardson, PeterTaylor, JasonFlynn, DamianKeane, Andrew
5-Jan-2015Stochastic Real-Time Scheduling of Wind-Thermal Generation Units in an Electric UtilitySoroudi, AlirezaRabiee, AbbasKeane, Andrew
15-Jun-2018Strategic Scheduling in Smart GridsNouri, AlirezaSoroudi, AlirezaKeane, Andrew