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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Oct-2017On Supporting Digital Journalism: Case Studies in Co-Designing Journalistic ToolsIfrim, GeorgianaGreene, DerekKeane, Mark T.Orellana-Rodriguez, ClaudiaShi, BichenPoghosyan, Gevorg
4-Aug-2017Plotting Markson's "Mistress"Kelleher, ConorKeane, Mark T.
9-Aug-2019Predicting Grass Growth for Sustainable Dairy Farming: A CBR System Using Bayesian Case-Exclusion and Post-Hoc, Personalized Explanation-by-Example (XAI)Kenny, Eoin M.Ruelle, ElodieGeoghegan, AnneKeane, Mark al.
11-Apr-2015Predicting Surprise Judgments from Explanation GraphsFoster, Meadhbh I.Keane, Mark T.
4-Oct-2017Re-reading the Ryan report: Witnessing via close and distant readingPine, EmilieLeavy, SusanKeane, Mark T.
29-Oct-2018The Role of Surprise in Learning: Different Surprising Outcomes Affect Memorability DifferentiallyFoster, Meadhbh I.Keane, Mark T.
25-May-2016Spreading the News: How Can Journalists Gain More Engagement for their TweetsOrellana-Rodriguez, ClaudiaGreene, DerekKeane, Mark T.
3-Aug-2013Surprise! You've Got Some Explaining to Do...Foster, Meadhbh I.Keane, Mark T.
14-Mar-2015Surprising findings: Comparing patterns of surprise, explanation, and probabilityFoster, Meadhbh I.Keane, Mark T.
3-Jun-2019Systems in Language: Text Analysis of Government Reports of the Irish Industrial School System with Word EmbeddingKeane, Mark T.Pine, EmilieLeavy, Susan
26-Jul-2014Triangulating Surprise: Expectations, Uncertainty, and Making SenseFoster, Meadhbh I.Keane, Mark T.Loewenstein, Jeffreyet al.
11-Aug-2019The Twin-System Approach as One Generic Solution for XAI: An Overview of ANN-CBR Twins for Explaining Deep LearningKeane, Mark T.Kenny, Eoin M.
31-Jul-2019Twin-Systems to Explain Artificial Neural Networks using Case-Based Reasoning: Comparative Tests of Feature-Weighting Methods in ANN-CBR Twins for XAIKenny, Eoin M.Keane, Mark T.
27-Jul-2019The Unexpected Unexpected and the Expected Unexpected: How People's Conception of the Unexpected is Not That UnexpectedQuinn, MollyCampbell, KatherineKeane, Mark T.
20-Oct-2018Using an industry-ready AR HMD on a real maintenance task: AR benefits performance on certain task steps more than othersPringle, AndrewCampbell, Abraham G.Hutka, StefanieKeane, Mark T.
Sep-2015Why some surprises are more surprising than others: Surprise as a metacognitive sense of explanatory difficultyKeane, Mark T.Foster, Meadhbh I.