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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Nov-2021The Role of Mitochondria in Optic Atrophy With Autosomal InheritanceStrachan, Elin L.Mac White-Begg, DelphiCrean, JohnReynolds, AlisonKennedy, BreandánO'Sullivan, Niamh C.
4-Dec-2017Rpgrip1 is required for rod outer segment development and ciliary protein trafcking in zebrafshRaghupathy, Rakesh K.Zhang, XunLiu, FeiKennedy, Breandánet al.
1-Apr-2017Structure-activity relationship of a novel family of cysteinyl leukotriene receptor antagonist quinoline compounds with anti-angiogenic activityReynolds, AlisonVentosa, PilarGranander, JohanKilty, ClaireYoung, ElizabethButler, Clare T.Galvin, OrlaMerrigan, StephanieSasore, TemitopeFernandez, YolandaGilheany, Declan G.Kennedy, Breandán
May-2014Unexpected genetic heterogeneity for primary ciliary dyskinesia in the Irish Traveller populationCasey, JillianMcGettigan, Paul A.Healy, FionaReynolds, AlisonKennedy, BreandánEnnis, SeanSlattery, DubhfeasaLynch, SallyHogg, Claire
3-Feb-2022Uveal Melanoma Cell Line Proliferation Is Inhibited by Ricolinostat, a Histone Deacetylase InhibitorSundaramurthi, HusvineeGarcía-Mulero, SandraTonelotto, ValentinaSlater, KayleighMarcone, SimonePiulats, J. M.Watson, R. WilliamTobin, Desmond JohnJensen, Lasse D.Kennedy, Breandán