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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2018Reconstructing static and dynamic models of signaling pathways using Modular Response AnalysisSantra, TapeshRukhlenko, Oleksii S.Zhernovkov, VadimKholodenko, Boris N.
7-Oct-2016SARAH Domain-mediated MST2-RASSF Dimeric InteractionsSánchez-Sanz, GoarTywoniuk, BartłomiejMatallanas, DavidRomano, DavidNguyen, Lan K.Kholodenko, Boris N.Rosta, EdinaKolch, WalterBuchete, Nicolae-Viorel
22-Dec-2015Signaling pathway models as biomarkers: Patient-specific simulations of JNK activity predict the survival of neuroblastoma patientsFey, DirkHalasz, MelindaDreidax, DanielKennedy, Sean P.Rauch, NoraGarcia Munoz, AmayaPilkington, RuthFischer, MatthiasKolch, WalterKholodenko, Boris N.Croucher, David al.
Jun-2010Signalling ballet in space and timeKholodenko, Boris N.Hancock, John F.Kolch, Walter
1-Apr-2015Signalling mechanisms regulating phenotypic changes in breast cancer cellsVolinsky, NataliaMcCarthy, Cormac J.Kriegsheim, Alexander vonSaban, NinaOkada-Hatakeyama, MarikoKolch, WalterKholodenko, Boris N.
1-Oct-2010Signalling over a distance: gradient patterns and phosphorylation waves within single cellsMuñoz-García, JavierKholodenko, Boris N.
Dec-2009Spatially distributed cell signallingKholodenko, Boris N.
Feb-2014Systems biology embedded target validation: improving efficacy in drug discoveryVandamme, DriekeMinke, Benedikt A.Fitzmaurice, WilliamKholodenko, Boris N.Kolch, Walter
30-Jul-2013Systems medicine: helping us understand the complexity of diseaseVandamme, DriekeFitzmaurice, WilliamKholodenko, Boris al.
14-Apr-2016Three-factor models versus time series models: quantifying time-dependencies of interactions between stimuli in cell biology and psychobiology for short longitudinal dataFrank, Till D.Kiyatkin, Anatoly B.Cheong, AlexKholodenko, Boris N.
Aug-2009Toggle switches, pulses and oscillations are intrinsic properties of the Src activation/deactivation cycleKaimachnikov, Nikolai P.Kholodenko, Boris N.
2012The topology design principles that determine the spatiotemporal dynamics of G-protein cascadesTsyganov, Mikhail A.Kolch, WalterKholodenko, Boris N.
Dec-2014Ubiquitin chain specific auto-ubiquitination triggers sustained oscillation, bistable switches and excitable firingNguyen, Lan K.Zhao, QiVarusai, Thawfeek M.Kholodenko, Boris N.
10-Apr-2012Versatility of Cooperative Transcriptional Activation: A Thermodynamical Modeling Analysis for Greater-Than-Additive and Less-Than-Additive EffectsFrank, Till D.Carmody, Aimee M.Kholodenko, Boris al.