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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jun-2016Environmental Noise Mapping with Smartphone Applications: A Participatory Noise Map of West Hartford, CTMiller, LaneSpringthorpe, ChristopherMurphy, EndaKing, Eoin A.
Feb-2009Estimating human exposure to transport noise in central Dublin, IrelandMurphy, EndaKing, Eoin A.Rice, Henry J.
Oct-2011Evaluating the impact on noise levels of a ban on private cars in Dublin city centre, IrelandKing, Eoin A.Murphy, EndaRice, Henry J.
12-Aug-2015Exploring the accuracy of smartphone applications for measuring environmental noiseMurphy, EndaKing, Eoin A.Rahusen, Seanet al.
Mar-2011Implementation of the EU environmental noise directive : lessons from the first phase of strategic noise mapping and action planning in IrelandKing, Eoin A.Murphy, EndaRice, Henry J.
Jan-2013Mapping for sustainability: environmental noise and the cityMurphy, EndaKing, Eoin A.
Jul-2009Reducing pedestrian exposure to environmental pollutants : a combined noise exposure and air quality analysis approachKing, Eoin A.Murphy, EndaMcNabola, Aonghus
Aug-2012Residential exposure to port noise: a case study of Dublin, IrelandMurphy, EndaKing, Eoin A.
Jul-2011Scenario analysis and noise action planning : modelling the impact of mitigation measures on population exposureMurphy, EndaKing, Eoin A.
Apr-2010Strategic environmental noise mapping : methodological issues concerning the implementation of the EU Environmental Noise Directive and their policy implicationsMurphy, EndaKing, Eoin A.
Jun-2010Strategic noise mapping, population exposure estimates and 'acoustical planning' mitigation analysis in a European capital cityMurphy, EndaKing, Eoin A.
May-2016Testing the accuracy of smartphones and sound level meter applications for measuring environmental noiseMurphy, EndaKing, Eoin A.