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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2014Key performance indicators for mental health and substance use disorders: a literature review and discussion paperHenderson, CarlaKlimas, JanDunne, Columet al.
Jun-2018Large Variation in Provincial Guidelines for Urine Drug Screening During Opioid Agonist Treatment in CanadaMoss, EloiseMcEachern, JasmineAdye-White, LaurenCullen, WalterKlimas, Janet al.
9-Mar-2012The management of problem alcohol use among drug users in primary care : exploring patients’ experience of screening and treatmentField, Catherine AnneKlimas, JanCullen, WalterBarry, JoeBury, GerardKeenan, EamonLyons, SuziSmyth, Bobby P.
30-Nov-2017Medication-assisted treatment for youth with opioid use disorder: Current dilemmas and remaining questionsChang, DerekKlimas, JanWood, EvanFairbairn, Nadia
2016A needs assessment of the number of comprehensive addiction care physicians required in a Canadian settingMcEachern, JasmineAhamad, KeithNolan, SeonaidMead, AnnabelWood, EvanKlimas, Jan
Jul-2017Nursing Fellowship in Addiction Medicine: A Novel Program in a Canadian SettingVoon, PaulineJohnson, CheyenneSmall, WillWood, EvanKlimas, Jan
6-Apr-2016Off the record: Substance-related disorders in the undergraduate medical curricula in IrelandWilson, MitchCullen, WalterGoodair, ChristineKlimas, Jan
Nov-2018Opiate use disorders and overdose: Medical students' experiences, satisfaction with learning, and attitudes toward community naloxone provisionTobin, HelenKlimas, JanBarry, TomasEgan, MaireadBury, Gerard
2-Dec-2016Optimizing writing schemes for addiction researchersKlimas, Jan
Feb-2017Preliminary Results and Publication Impact of a Dedicated Addiction Clinician Scientist Research FellowshipKlimas, JanFernandes, ElainedeBeck, KoraCullen, Walteret al.
1-Jul-2020Preliminary Results of Psychiatric Inpatients Referred to an Addiction Medicine Consult ServiceMcWilliams, ColinBonnie, KofiRobinson, SamanthaKlimas, Janet al.
1-Jun-2018Prescription opioids, opioid use disorder, and overdose crisis in Canada: Current dilemmas and remaining questionsGorfinkel, LaurenWood, EvanKlimas, Jan
16-Jul-2014The prevalence of common mental and substance use disorders in general practice: a literature review and discussion paperKlimas, JanNeary, AnnaMcNicholas, Claireet al.
Jun-2017Prevalence of Heavy Alcohol Use Among People Receiving Methadone Following Change to MethadoseKlimas, JanWood, EvanNosova, Ekaterinaet al.
Dec-2016Primary care: a key route for distribution of naloxone in the communityKlimas, JanTobin, HelenEgan, MaireadTomas, BarryBury, Gerard
9-Mar-2012Problem alcohol use among problem drug users : development of clinical guidelines for general practiceKlimas, JanField, Catherine AnneAnderson, RolandeBarry, JosephBedford, DeclanBourke, MargaretCorrigan, GerardDoyle, JosephFlanagan, JeanGallagher, HughGeoghegan, NoreenHarkin, KieranKeenan, EamonLambert, JohnMcAuliffe, RuaidhriMcCann, Mary EllenMcCormick, AidenO'Driscoll, DenisO'Gara, ColinPerry, NicolaSmyth, Bobby P.Weldon, FionaCullen, WalterBury, GerardLyons, Suzi
Aug-2013Psychosocial Interventions for Alcohol use among problem drug users (PINTA) : protocol for a feasibility study in primary careKlimas, JanAnderson, RolandeBourke, MargaretBury, GerardField, Catherine Anneet al.
10-Aug-2011Psychosocial interventions for problem alcohol use in illicit drug users (Protocol)Klimas, JanField, Catherine AnneCullen, WalterO'Gorman, Clodagh S. M.Glynn, Liam G.Keenan, EamonSaunders, JeanBury, GerardDunne, Colum
18-May-2015Psychosocial Interventions for Problem Alcohol Use in Primary Care Settings (PINTA): Baseline Feasibility DataKlimas, JanHenihan, Anne MarieMcCombe, GeoffBury, GerardCullen, Walteret al.
3-Dec-2014Psychosocial interventions to reduce alcohol consumption in concurrent problem alcohol and illicit drug usersKlimas, JanTobin, HelenField, Catherine AnneBury, GerardCullen, Walteret al.