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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2011Manufacturing, assembly, and testing of scaled, historic masonry for one-gravity, pseudo-static, soil-structure experimentsLaefer, Debra F.Long, James H.Cording, Edward J.Erkal, AykutTruong-Hong, Linh
Mar-2016Meshfree Sequentially Linear Analysis of ConcreteAl-Sabah, SalamLaefer, Debra F.
Nov-2008Micro vs. macro models for predicting building damage underground movementsTruong-Hong, LinhLaefer, Debra F.
Sep-2006Need for baseline data characteristics for GIS-based disaster management systemsLaefer, Debra F.Koss, AlisonPradhan, Anu
1-Dec-2011New Advances in Automated Urban Modelling from Airborne Laser Scanning DataLaefer, Debra F.Hinks, TommyCarr, HamishTruong-Hong, Linh
Jun-2008A new multi-parallel condition assessment scale for estimating tunnel-induced damageLaefer, Debra F.Conry, B.Murphy, D.Ceribasi, Seyit
Jun-2010New possibilities for damage prediction from tunnel subsidence using aerial LiDAR dataLaefer, Debra F.Hinks, TommyCarr, Hamish
11-Aug-2015Nonlinear Analysis of Isotropic Slab Bridges under Extreme Traffic LoadingHajializadeh, DonyaAl-Sabah, SalamO'Brien, Eugene J.Laefer, Debra F.Enright, Bernard
9-Jul-2014Numerical modelling options for cracked masonry buildingsMoradabadi, EhsanLaefer, Debra F.
Feb-2013Octree-based indexing for 3D pointclouds within an Oracle Spatial DBMSSchoen, BiancaMosa, Abu Saleh MohammadLaefer, Debra al.
Aug-2014Octree-based, automatic building fa├žade generation from LiDAR dataTruong-Hong, LinhLaefer, Debra F.
Jan-2010An open source vision for HAZUSMoffatt, StuartLaefer, Debra F.
Feb-2006Opportunities and impediments to the use of 3D laser scanning for adjacent excavationsLaefer, Debra F.Carr, HamishMorrish, SeanKalkan, Erol
May-2006Performance expectations for microcrystalline waxes for the seismic protection of art objectsCrowley, AnneLaefer, Debra F.
Mar-2008Performance expectations of early 20th century urban American building foundationsLaefer, Debra F.
Nov-2004Physical and chemical properties of pre-regulated American cementsRush, A.S.Laefer, Debra F.
19-Apr-2013Pioneering Real-time Computational Models for Building Damage Prediction During Adjacent Tunnel ExcavationClarke, JulieLaefer, Debra F.
8-May-2013Planning Infrastructure Documentation with Aerial Laser ScanningLaefer, Debra F.
Feb-2010Predicted tunnel-induced settlement and damage to Findlaters church with respect to freefield and constructed side considerationsMurphy, J.Gaynor, S.Laefer, Debra F.
Nov-2009Predicting reinforced concrete frame response to excavation induced settlementLaefer, Debra F.Ceribasi, SeyitLong, James H.Cording, Edward J.