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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Aug-2015Overview of the Forensic Investigation of Cloud ServicesFarina, JasonScanlon, MarkLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar
20-Aug-2017Performance Evaluation of a Distributed Clustering Approach for Spatial DatasetsBendechache, MalikaLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar
Sep-2014Performance Evaluation of a Natural Language Processing approach applied in White Collar crime investigationvan Banerveld, MaartenLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar
19-Dec-2019Predicting Soil pH by Using Nearest FieldsNgo, Quoc HungLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar
Mar-2018Private Web Browser Forensics: A Case Study on Epic Privacy BrowserReed, AlanScanlon, MarkLe-Khac, Nhien-An
7-Jul-2015Security Threats of URL Shortening: A User's PerspectiveLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar
Sep-2015Security Threats of URL Shortening: A Users PerspectiveLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar
2014Smartphone Forensic Analysis: A Case Study for Obtaining Root Access of an Android Samsung S3 Device and Analyse the Image without an Expensive Commercial ToolFaheem, MuhammadLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar
2015The State of the Art Forensic Techniques in Mobile Cloud Environment: A Survey, Challenges and Current TrendsKechadi, TaharFaheem, MuhammadLe-Khac, Nhien-An
29-Mar-2016Tiered Forensic Methodology Model for Digital Field Triage by Non-Digital Evidence SpecialistsHitchcock, BenLe-Khac, Nhien-AnScanlon, Mark
10-Jul-2015Toward a new approach for massive LiDAR data processingCao, Van-HungChu, Xuan-KhoiLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, TaharLaefer, Debra F.Truong-Hong, Linh
12-Jun-2014Toward a new cloud-based approach to preserve the privacy for detecting suspicious cases of money laundering in an investment bankLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar
27-Apr-2016Toward a new tool to extract the Evidence from a Memory Card of Mobile phonesWitteman, RobMeijer, ArjenLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar
27-Aug-2015Towards the Forensic Identification and Investigation of Cloud Hosted Servers through Non-invasive WiretapsSchut, HesselScanlon, MarkFarina, JasonLe-Khac, Nhien-An
28-Jun-2007Variance-based Clustering Technique for Distributed Data Mining ApplicationsAouad, LamineLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar
4-Aug-2017Volkswagen Car Entertainment System ForensicsJacobs, DanielChoo, Kim-Kwang RaymondLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar