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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Oct-2018Ireland’s New National Planning Framework: (Re)Balancing and (Re)Conceiving Planning for the Twenty-First Century?Lennon, MickScott, Mark J.Russell, Paula
May-2019Mainstreaming Green Infrastructure as a Health-Promoting AssetScott, Mark J.Lennon, MickDouglas, Owen
2016Moral-Material Ontologies of Nature Conservation: Exploring the Discord between Ecological Restoration and Novel EcosystemsLennon, Mick
20-May-2016Morality, Power and the Planning SubjectLennon, MickFox-Rogers, Linda
2015Nature conservation in the Anthropocene: preservation, conservation and the challenge of novel ecosystemsLennon, Mick
27-Nov-2017The 'natures' of planning: evolving conceptualizations of nature as expressed in urban planning theory and practiceDuvall, PhoebeLennon, MickScott, Mark J.
12-Jan-2016On 'The Subject' of Planning's Public InterestLennon, Mick
1-May-2019On issues of plurality and practice in considering planning’s public interestLennon, Mick
6-Oct-2015Opportunity or Threat: Dissecting Tensions in a Post-carbon Rural TransitionLennon, MickScott, Mark J.
12-Aug-2021Planning and the Post-Pandemic CityLennon, Mick
1-Jun-2020Planning as JustificationLennon, Mick
10-Aug-2018Planning, ‘politics’ and the production of space: the formulation and application of a framework for examining the micropolitics of community place-makingLennon, MickMoore, Dave
14-Aug-2019Planning’s Position in the ‘Hollowing-Out’ and ‘Filling-In’ of Local Government in IrelandLennon, Mick
1-May-2014Presentation and persuasion: the meaning of evidence in Irish green infrastructure policyLennon, Mick
Jan-2019Responsive environments: An outline of a method for determining context sensitive planning interventions to enhance health and wellbeingLennon, MickDouglas, OwenScott, Mark J.
1-Feb-2019Rewilding as rural land management: opportunities and constraintsLennon, Mick
31-Dec-2019The (un)common good: diverging justifications for wilderness making in a modified landscapeLennon, MickDuvall, PhoebeO'Neill, Eoin
24-Sep-2014Urban Design and Adapting to Flood Risk: The Role of Green InfrastructureLennon, MickScott, Mark J.O'Neill, Eoin
19-Jun-2017Urban green space for health and well-being: developing an 'affordances' framework for planning and designLennon, MickDouglas, OwenScott, Mark J.
Apr-2014The Utilization of Environmental Knowledge in Land Use Planning: Drawing Lessons for an Ecosystems Services ApproachCowell, RichardLennon, Mick