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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2019Bionano Interactions: A Key to Mechanistic Understanding of Nanoparticle ToxicityLobaskin, VladimirPower, DavidLopez, HenderPoggio, Stefano
11-Dec-2020Can an InChI for Nano Address the Need for a Simplified Representation of Complex Nanomaterials across Experimental and Nanoinformatics Studies?Lynch, IseultAfantitis, AntreasExner, ThomasLobaskin, Vladimiret al.
Dec-2015Coarse-grained model of adsorption of blood plasma proteins onto nanoparticlesLopez, HenderLobaskin, Vladimir
15-Nov-2018EU US Roadmap Nanoinformatics 2030Lobaskin, VladimirPuzyn, TomaszVerheyen, Geertet al.
4-Oct-2020In Silico Prediction of Protein Adsorption Energy on Titanium Dioxide and Gold NanoparticlesAlsharif, Shada A.Power, DavidRouse, IanLobaskin, Vladimir
Oct-2019An Integrative Computational Approach for a Prioritization of Key Transcription Regulators Associated With Nanomaterial-Induced ToxicityZhernovkov, VadimSantra, TapeshCassidy, HilaryRukhlenko, Oleksii S.Matallanas, DavidKrstic, AleksandarKolch, WalterLobaskin, VladimirKholodenko, Boris N.
Jul-2015Motion of Euglena gracilis: Active fluctuations and velocity distributionRomanczuk, M.Romensky, MaksymScholz, DimitriLobaskin, VladimirSchimansky-Geier, L.
1-Aug-2018Polarized Ukraine 2014: opinion and territorial split demonstrated with the bounded confidence XY model, parametrized by Twitter dataRomenskyy, MaksymSpaiser, ViktoriaIhle, ThomasLobaskin, Vladimir
10-Jan-2018Structure and elasticity of bush and brush-like models of the endothelial glycocalyxKabedev, AlekseiLobaskin, Vladimir
24-Jun-2020Translating Scientific Advances in the AOP Framework to Decision Making for NanomaterialsEde, James D.Lobaskin, VladimirVogel, Ullaet al.
24-Dec-2014Tricritical points in a Vicsek model of self-propelled particles with bounded confidenceRomensky, MaksymLobaskin, VladimirIhle, Thomas
17-Jan-2020Understanding and Controlling Food Protein Structure and Function in Foods: Perspectives from Experiments and Computer SimulationsSilva, Fernando Luís Barroso daCarloni, PaoloCheung, DavidGulzar, MuhammadJacquier, Jean ChristopheLobaskin, VladimirMacKernan, Donalet al.