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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Conceptualising the role of national parliaments in the EU system of governanceMacCarthaigh, Muiris
16-Jun-2017Cutback management in Ireland in the wake of the financial crisisMacCarthaigh, MuirisHardiman, Niamh
10-Apr-2019Exploiting conditionality: EU and international actors and post-NPM reform in IrelandMacCarthaigh, MuirisHardiman, Niamh
12-Nov-2007Governance and parliamentary accountabilityMacCarthaigh, Muiris
Sep-2013How governments retrench in crisis: the case of IrelandHardiman, NiamhMacCarthaigh, Muiris
15-Jul-2016Reforming the Westminster Model of Agency Governance: Britain and Ireland after the CrisisDommett, KateMacCarthaigh, MuirisHardiman, Niamh
2008The segmented state : adaptation and maladaptation in IrelandHardiman, NiamhMacCarthaigh, Muiris
2016State Retrenchment and Administrative Reform in Ireland: Probing Comparative Policy ParadigmsHardiman, NiamhMacCarthaigh, Muiris
24-May-2019Tangling with the Troika: ‘domestic ownership’ as political and administrative engagement in Greece, Ireland, and PortugalHardiman, NiamhSpanou, CalliopeAraújo, Joaquim FilipeMacCarthaigh, Muiris
17-Oct-2017The Troika’s variations on a trio: Why the loan programmes worked so differently in Greece, Ireland, and PortugalHardiman, NiamhAraújo, Joaquim FilipeMacCarthaigh, MuirisSpanou, Calliope