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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2010The impact of an economic boom on the level and distribution of well-being : Ireland, 1994-2001Madden, David (David Patrick)
1989Indirect tax reform in IrelandMadden, David (David Patrick)
Nov-1999The kids are alright? An analysis of child benefit using Irish dataMadden, David (David Patrick)
Jun-1999Labour Market Discrimination on the Basis of Health: An Application to UK DataMadden, David (David Patrick)
Dec-1993Labour supply, commodity demand and marginal tax reformMadden, David (David Patrick)
Nov-1999Labour supply, health and caring : evidence from the UKMadden, David (David Patrick)Walker, Ian
Jan-1993Marginal tax reform and the specification of consumer demand systemsMadden, David (David Patrick)
Feb-2012Methods for studying dominance and inequality in population healthMadden, David (David Patrick)
Oct-2017Mind the Gap: Revisiting the Concentration Index for OverweightMadden, David (David Patrick)
1993A new set of consumer demand estimates for IrelandMadden, David (David Patrick)
Aug-1992A new set of consumer demand estimates for IrelandMadden, David (David Patrick)
Aug-1994Omitted variables, dynamic specification and tests for homogeneityMadden, David (David Patrick)
May-2008Ordinal and cardinal measures of health inequality : an empirical comparisonMadden, David (David Patrick)
Mar-2013The Poverty Effects of a “Fat-Tax” in IrelandMadden, David (David Patrick)
Jul-2000Poverty in Ireland, 1987-1994 : a stochastic dominance approachMadden, David (David Patrick)Smith, Fiona
Mar-2010A profile of obesity in Ireland, 2002-2007Madden, David (David Patrick)
Apr-2012The relationship between low birthweight and socioeconomic status in IrelandMadden, David (David Patrick)
Apr-1999Relative or absolute poverty lines : a new approachMadden, David (David Patrick)
1992Results from a preliminary investigation into the reform of indirect taxation in IrelandMadden, David (David Patrick)
Dec-2002A review of recent research into poverty in IrelandMadden, David (David Patrick)