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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2006Sample selection versus two-part models revisited : the case of female smoking and drinkingMadden, David (David Patrick)
Feb-2013Self-reported and measured BMI in Ireland: should we adjust the obesity thresholds?Madden, David (David Patrick)
Oct-2002Setting the appropriate tax on cigarettes in IrelandMadden, David (David Patrick)
Feb-2002Smoke and strong whiskey : factors influencing female smoking and drinking in IrelandMadden, David (David Patrick)
Aug-2012The Socioeconomic Determinants of Mental Stress in IrelandMadden, David (David Patrick)
Oct-2010The socioeconomic gradient of obesity in IrelandMadden, David (David Patrick)
Sep-2010The socioeconomic gradient of obesity in IrelandMadden, David (David Patrick)
Oct-2002Sources of health inequality for Irish womenMadden, David (David Patrick)
Jun-1996Sources of income inequality in IrelandMadden, David (David Patrick)
Aug-2000Taxation, debt and the public financesMadden, David (David Patrick)
2003Tobacco taxes and starting and quitting smoking : does the effect differ by education?Madden, David (David Patrick)
May-1999Towards a broader explanation of male-female wage differencesMadden, David (David Patrick)
Apr-2000Was Ireland better off in 1994 than in 1987?Madden, David (David Patrick)
Feb-2015Which Households Matter Most? Capturing Equity Considerations in Tax Reform via Generalised Social Marginal Welfare WeightsMadden, David (David Patrick)Savage, Michael
Sep-2013Winners and losers on the roller-coaster: Ireland, 2003-2011Madden, David (David Patrick)