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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Feb-2011Personalized and automatic social summarization of events in videoHannon, JohnMcCarthy, KevinLynch, JamesSmyth, Barry
Sep-2011Power to the people : exploring neighbourhood formations in social recommender systemsBourke, StevenMcCarthy, KevinSmyth, Barry
31-Aug-2011The pursuit of happiness : searching for worthy followees on twitterHannon, JohnMcCarthy, KevinSmyth, Barry
16-Oct-2013Sentimental Product RecommendationDong, RuihaiO'Mahony, Michael P.Schaal, MarkusMcCarthy, KevinSmyth, Barry
Sep-2011SimpleFlow : enhancing gestural interaction with gesture prediction, abbreviation and autocompletionBennett, MikeMcCarthy, KevinO'Modhrain, SileSmyth, Barry
16-Feb-2011The social camera : a case-study in contextual image recommendationBourke, StevenMcCarthy, KevinSmyth, Barry
19-Apr-2011Terms of a feather : content-based news discovery and recommendation using TwitterPhelan, OwenMcCarthy, KevinSmyth, BarryBennett, Mike
6-Apr-2013Towards a Novel and Timely Search and Discovery System Using the Real-Time Social WebPhelan, OwenMcCarthy, KevinSmyth, Barry
14-Feb-2012Towards an intelligent reviewer's assistant: recommending topics to help users to write better product reviewsDong, RuihaiMcCarthy, KevinO'Mahony, Michael P.Schaal, MarkusSmyth, Barry
31-Aug-2011Using social ties in group recommendationBourke, StevenMcCarthy, KevinSmyth, Barry
Oct-2009Using Twitter to recommend real-time topical newsPhelan, OwenMcCarthy, KevinSmyth, Barry