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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2013Fabrication of nano-structured TiO2 coatings using a microblast deposition techniqueMcDonnell, KevinEnglish, Niall J.Stallard, Charlie al.
2011A Feasibility Analysis of Photovoltaic Solar Power for Small Communities in IrelandFlood, EndaMcDonnell, KevinMurphy, FionnualaDevlin, Ger
18-Feb-2017A Feasibility Assessment of Photovoltaic Power Systems in Ireland; a Case Study for the Dublin RegionMurphy, FionnualaMcDonnell, Kevin
Jan-2018Feasibility study of an offshore wind farm in the Aegean Sea, TurkeySatir, MertMurphy, FionnualaMcDonnell, Kevin
12-May-2020Feasibility Study of Carbon Dioxide Plume Geothermal Systems in Germany−Utilising Carbon Dioxide for EnergyMcDonnell, KevinMolnár, LeventeHarty, MaryMurphy, Fionnuala
Sep-2013Fluidised bed pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomasses and comparison of bio-oil and micropyrolyser pyrolysate by GC/M-FIDButler, EoinDevlin, GerMeier, DietrichMcDonnell, Kevin
1-Mar-2014Forest Biomass Supply Chains in Ireland: A Life Cycle Assessment of GHG Emissions and Primary Energy BalancesMurphy, FionnualaDevlin, GerMcDonnell, Kevin
1-Jun-2013Fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions of biomass based haulage in Ireland - A case studyDevlin, GerKlvac, RadomirMcDonnell, Kevin
9-Jan-2015Greenhouse gas and energy based life cycle analysis of products from the Irish wood processing industryMurphy, FionnualaDevlin, GerMcDonnell, Kevin
30-Nov-2020Impact of field headlands on wheat and barley performance in a cool Atlantic climate as assessed in 40 Irish tillage fieldsWard, MarkForristal, Patrick DermotMcDonnell, Kevin
4-Nov-2009The Impact of Field Size on the Environment and Energy Crop Production Efficiency for a Sustainable Indigenous Bioenergy Supply Chain in the Republic of IrelandDeverell, RoryMcDonnell, KevinDevlin, Ger
22-Mar-2010Influence of coating properties on the adhesion of proteins to atmospheric plasma modified surfacesStallard, Charlie P.McDonnell, KevinDonegan, MickDowling, Denis P.
Sep-2012Influence of doping on the photoactive properties of magnetron-sputtered titania coatings: Experimental and theoretical studyMcDonnell, KevinEnglish, Niall J.Rahman, Mahfujuret al.
2012The influence of measurement methodology on soil infiltration rateWalsh, EilínMcDonnell, Kevin
May-2017Investigation of the potential impact of the Paris Agreement on national mitigation policies and the risk of carbon leakage; an analysis of the Irish bioenergy industryMurphy, FionnualaMcDonnell, Kevin
15-Aug-2016Life cycle assessment of biomass-to-energy systems in Ireland modelled with biomass supply chain optimisation based on greenhouse gas emission reductionMurphy, FionnualaSosa, AmandaMcDonnell, KevinDevlin, Ger
15-Jun-2015Managing the moisture content of wood biomass for the optimisation of Ireland's transport supply strategy to bioenergy markets and competing industriesSosa, AmandaAcuna, MauricioMcDonnell, KevinDevlin, Ger
3-Dec-2019Microgeneration of Electricity Using a Solar Photovoltaic System in IrelandVirupaksha, VinayHarty, MaryMcDonnell, Kevin
Jul-2013Miscanthus production and processing in Ireland: An analysis of energy requirements and environmental impactsMurphy, FionnualaDevlin, GerMcDonnell, Kevin
Jul-2013Miscanthus production and processing in Ireland: An analysis of energy requirements and environmental impactsMurphy, FionnualaDevlin, GerMcDonnell, Kevin