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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jun-2015Managing the moisture content of wood biomass for the optimisation of Ireland's transport supply strategy to bioenergy markets and competing industriesSosa, AmandaAcuna, MauricioMcDonnell, KevinDevlin, Ger
3-Dec-2019Microgeneration of Electricity Using a Solar Photovoltaic System in IrelandVirupaksha, VinayHarty, MaryMcDonnell, Kevin
Jul-2013Miscanthus production and processing in Ireland: An analysis of energy requirements and environmental impactsMurphy, FionnualaDevlin, GerMcDonnell, Kevin
Jul-2013Miscanthus production and processing in Ireland: An analysis of energy requirements and environmental impactsMurphy, FionnualaDevlin, GerMcDonnell, Kevin
2007Performance Accuracy Of Low‐Cost Dynamic Non‐Differential GPS on Articulated TrucksDevlin, GerMcDonnell, KevinWard, Shane
Jan-2009Performance accuracy of real-time GPS asset tracking systems for timber haulage trucks travelling on both internal forest road and public road networksDevlin, GerMcDonnell, Kevin
May-2013Photo-active and optical properties of bismuth ferrite (BiFeO3): an experimental and theoretical studyMcDonnell, KevinWadnerkar, NitinEnglish, Niall al.
Mar-2010Potential availability of non-woody biomass feedstock availability for pellet production within the Republic of IrelandNolan, AnthonyMcDonnell, KevinDevlin, Geret al.
9-Mar-2009Potential Bioethanol Feedstock Availability Around Nine Locations in the Republic of IrelandDeverell, RoryMcDonnell, KevinDevlin, Ger
Jan-2015The potential of Miscanthus to harbour known cereal pathogensGlynn, E.Brennan, J. M.Walsh, EilínFeechan, AngelaMcDonnell, Kevin
Jul-2014Potential to Increase Indigenous Biodiesel Production to help meet 2020 Targets - An EU perspective with a focus on IrelandMurphy, FionnualaDevlin, GerDeverell, RoryMcDonnell, Kevin
Feb-2013Practical Experience with Woody Biomass in a Down-Draft GasifierWolff, DeidreWalsh, EilínMcDonnell, Kevin
2007A preliminary investigation on face recognition as a biometric identifier of sheepCorkery, GerardGonzales-Barron, Ursula A.Butler, FrancisMcDonnell, KevinWard, Shane
Sep-2014Process control of particle deposition systems using acoustic and electrical response signalsMcDonnell, KevinLaw, Victor J.English, Niall J.Dobbyn, PeterDowling, Denis P.
Jan-2013Regional integration of renewable energy systems in Ireland - The role of hybrid energy systems for small communitiesGoodbody, CraigWalsh, EilínMcDonnell, KevinOwende, Philip
Oct-2011A review of recent laboratory research and commercial developments in fast pyrolysis and upgradingButler, EoinDevlin, GerMeier, DietrichMcDonnell, Kevin
Jan-2008Timber haulage routing in Ireland: an analysis using GIS and GPSDevlin, GerMcDonnell, KevinWard, Shane
Dec-2015Towards an effective biosensor for monitoring AD leachate: a knockout E. coli mutant that cannot catabolise lactateSweeney, JosephMurphy, Cormac D.McDonnell, Kevin
May-2014Transport sector in Ireland: Can 2020 National targets drive indigenous biofuel production to success?Gusciute, EgleDevlin, GerMurphy, FionnualaMcDonnell, Kevin
7-Apr-2011Waste Polyolefins to Liquid Fuels via Pyrolysis: Review of Commercial State-of-the-Art and Recent Laboratory ResearchButler, EoinDevlin, GerMcDonnell, Kevin