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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Experimental Investigation of Drive-by Bridge InspectionKim, Chul-WooIsemoto, R.Toshinami, T.Kawatani, MitsuoMcGetrick, P.O'Brien, Eugene J.
13-Nov-2010Experimental Investigation of the Detection of Bridge Dynamic Parameters Using a Moiving VehicleMcGetrick, P.Kim, Chul-WooO'Brien, Eugene J.
16-Jun-2015Experimental validation of a drive-by stiffness identification method for bridge monitoringMcGetrick, P.Kim, Chul-WooGonzález, ArturoO'Brien, Eugene J.
Aug-2012Identification of damping in a bridge using a moving instrumented vehicleGonzález, ArturoO'Brien, Eugene J.McGetrick, P.
2010Identification of Road Irregularities via Vehicle AccelerationsO'Brien, Eugene J.McGetrick, P.González, Arturo
2-Sep-2010Monitoring Bridge Dynamic Behaviour Using an Instrumented Two Axle VehicleMcGetrick, P.González, ArturoO'Brien, Eugene J.
2015A Review of Indirect Bridge Monitoring Using Passing VehiclesMalekjafarian, AbdollahMcGetrick, P.O'Brien, Eugene J.
Aug-2009Theoretical investigation of the use of a moving vehicle to identify bridge dynamic parametersMcGetrick, P.González, ArturoO'Brien, Eugene J.
Dec-2013The use of a dynamic truck-trailer drive-by system to monitor bridge dampingKeenahan, JenniferO'Brien, Eugene J.McGetrick, P.González, Arturo
Sep-2012Using Instrumented Vehicles to Detect Damage in BridgesO'Brien, Eugene J.Keenahan, JenniferMcGetrick, P.González, Arturo
22-Jul-2012Using instrumented vehicles to detect damage in bridgesKeenahan, JenniferMcGetrick, P.O'Brien, Eugene J.González, Arturo