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23-Dec-2021Association Between 18-FDG Positron Emission Tomography and MRI Biomarkers of Plaque Vulnerability in Patients With Symptomatic Carotid StenosisGiannotti, NicolaMcNulty, Jonathan P.Foley, Shane J.McCabe, JohnCrowe, MorganHorgan, GillianKavanagh, EoinO'Connell, MartinMarnane, MichaelO’Donohoe, MartinKelly, Peteret al.
19-Jul-2020Cohort profile: BIOVASC-late, a prospective multicentred study of imaging and blood biomarkers of carotid plaque inflammation and risk of late vascular recurrence after non-severe stroke in IrelandMcCabe, JohnGiannotti, NicolaMcNulty, Jonathan P.Foley, Shane al.
15-May-2020Covid-19: free resources to support radiographersHogg, PeterHolmes, KenMcNulty, Jonathan al.
18-Mar-2022Exploring the translational challenge for medical applications of ionising radiation and corresponding radiation protection researchBockhold, SophieFoley, Shane J.Rainford, Louise A.McNulty, Jonathan P.
Jun-2022Factors influencing the choice of radiology as a medical specialty in IrelandLynch, TurloughBockhold, SophieMcNulty, Jonathan P.
Sep-2021Get comfortable with being uncomfortable: Experiences from diagnostic radiographers a year into the COVID-19 pandemicTay, Yi XiangTan, CatherineHuang, YanglinMcNulty, Jonathan al.
16-May-2018High-resolution MRI (HR-MRI) of atherosclerotic plaque in symptomatic carotid stenosis – relationship with risk factors, treatment, and CT angiographic featuresGiannotti, NicolaMcNulty, Jonathan P.Barry, MaryCrowe, MorganFoley, Shane J.Kavanagh, EoinMarnane, MichaelO’Donohoe, MartinKelly, Peteret al.
1-May-2021The impact of COVID-19 upon student radiographers and clinical trainingRainford, Louise A.Zanardo, M.Buissink, C.McNulty, Jonathan al.
Feb-2016Paediatric imaging radiation dose awareness and use of referral guidelines amongst radiology practitioners and radiographersPortelli, Jonathan L.McNulty, Jonathan P.Bezzina, PaulRainford, Louise A.
17-Jan-2020A Risk Score Including Carotid Plaque Inflammation and Stenosis Severity Improves Identification of Recurrent StrokeKelly, PeterCamps-Renom, PolGiannotti, NicolaMcNulty, Jonathan P.Barry, MaryFoley, Shane J.Horgan, GillianKavanagh, EoinMarnane, MichaelMcCabe, JohnMcDonnell, CiaranO'Connell, MartinMurphy, S. (Sean)et al.
Feb-2022Standing on the shoulders of radiography giantsMcNulty, Jonathan P.
28-Jan-2019Strategic research agenda for biomedical imagingEuropean Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research (EIBIR)Aime, SilvioAlberich, AngelAlmen, AnjaMcNulty, Jonathan al.
Nov-2021Valedictory editorial - New horizonsNightingale, JulieMcNulty, Jonathan P.
1-May-2022What Radiography offers to therapeutic radiographers/radiation therapistsCourtier, NickMcNulty, Jonathan P.