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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011On the emergence of new language varieties: The case of the Eastern Maroon Creole in French GuianaMigge, Bettina
May-2009The origin and development of possibility in the creoles of SurinameMigge, BettinaWinford, Donald
2003The origin of predicate reduplication in the Suriname Eastern Maroon CreoleMigge, Bettina
2005Politeness and face in Caribbean Creoles: an overviewMigge, BettinaMühleisen, Susanne
Nov-2012PrefaceMigge, BettinaNí Chiosáin, Máire
2016Putting Matawai on the Surinamese Linguistic MapMigge, Bettina
Dec-2007Que recouvre le terme taki-taki? Fantasmes et réalités (socio)linguistiquesLéglise, IsabelleMigge, Bettina
28-Jul-2018Review of Moll, Andrea (2015) Jamaican Creole Goes Web: Sociolinguistic styling and authenticity in a digital ‘Yaad’Migge, Bettina
2015Review: A grammar of Saramaccan creole by McWhorter, J. and Good, J. . Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter Mouton, 2012Migge, Bettina
2016Review: African American, creole, and other vernacular Englishes in education: a bibliographic resource (eds). Rickford, J.R., Sweetland, J., Rickford, A.E. and Grano T. London/New York: Routledge, 2012Migge, Bettina
2016Review: Allsopp, J. & Jennings, Z. (eds.) Language Education in the Caribbean: Selected Articles by Dennis Craig. Jamaica, Barbados & Trinidad and Tobago: University of the West Indies PressMigge, Bettina
2016Review: Muysken, P. and Smith, N. (eds.) Surviving the Middle Passage: The West Africa-Surinam Sprachbund, Berlin: Walter de GruyterMigge, Bettina
Sep-2015Review: Pidgins and creoles beyond Africa-Europe encounters. Buchstaller, I., Holmberg, A., Almoaily, M. (eds.). Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2014Migge, Bettina
Feb-2016Review: Williams Jeffrey P, Schneider Edgar W, Peter Trudgill and Daniel Schreier (eds.). Further Studies in the Lesser-Known Varieties of English (Studies in English Language). Cambridge, U.K: Cambridge University PressMigge, Bettina
Oct-2013Robin Sabino, Language contact in the Danish West Indies: Giving Jack his jacketMigge, Bettina
Jan-2015The Role of Discursive Information in Analyzing Multilingual PracticesMigge, Bettina
2013The role of Dutch in language practices in the Dutch-speaking periphery: The impact of Dutch on the Eastern Maroon CreolesMigge, Bettina
Dec-2004The speech event kuutu in the Eastern Maroon communityMigge, Bettina
2007Substrate influence on the emergence of the TMA systems of the Surinamese creolesWinford, DonaldMigge, Bettina
2017Support, transmission, education and target varieties in the Celtic languages: an overviewÓ Murchadha, Noel P.Migge, Bettina