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May-2011Capacity value of wind powerKeane, AndrewMilligan, Michael R.Dent, ChrisHasche, BernhardD'Annunzio, ClaudineDragoon, KenHolttinen, HanneleSamaan, NaderSöder, LennartO'Malley, Mark
Oct-2010Capacity value of wind power: summaryO'Malley, MarkMilligan, Michael R.Holttinen, HanneleDent, ChrisKeane, Andrew
Jul-2008Current methods to calculate capacity credit of wind power, IEA collaborationEnsslin, CornelMilligan, Michael R.Holttinen, HanneleO'Malley, MarkKeane, Andrew
Jul-2010Evolution of operating reserve determination in wind power integration studiesEla, ErikKirby, BrendanLannoye, EamonnMilligan, Michael R.Flynn, DamianZavadil, BobO'Malley, Mark
24-Jul-2011A flexible power system operations simulation model for assessing wind integrationEla, ErikMilligan, Michael R.O'Malley, Mark
24-Jul-2011Impact of wind power on the unit commitment, operating reserves, and market designKiviluoma, JuhaO'Malley, MarkTuohy, AidanMeibom, PeterMilligan, Michael R.Lange, BernardHolttinen, HanneleGibescu, Madeleine
Jul-2010Integration of variable generation : capacity value and evaluation of flexibilityLannoye, EamonnMilligan, Michael R.Adams, JohnTuohy, AidanChandler, HugoFlynn, DamianO'Malley, Mark
Nov-2012Unit Commitment With Dynamic Cycling CostsTroy, NiamhFlynn, DamianMilligan, Michael al.
Oct-2010Variability of load and net load in case of large scale distributed wind powerHolttinen, HanneleKiviluoma, JuhaEstanqueiro, AnaAigner, TobiasWan, Yih-HueiMilligan, Michael R.
Nov-2016Wind and solar curtailment: a review of international experienceBird, LoriLew, DebraMilligan, Michael R.Flynn, Damianet al.