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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Apr-2011Identification of an interaction between the TPalpha and TPbeta isoforms of the human thromboxane A2 receptor with protein kinase C-related kinase (PRK) 1 : implications for prostate cancer.Turner, Elizebeth C.Kavanagh, David J.Mulvaney, Eamon P.McLean, CaitrionaWikström, KatarinaReid, Helen M.Kinsella, B. Therese
Oct-2017Identification of α-helix 4 (α4) of Rab11a as a novel Rab11-binding domain (RBD): Interaction of Rab11a with the Prostacyclin ReceptorMulvaney, Eamon P.O'Meara, FergalKhan, Amir R.O'Connell, David J.Kinsella, B. Therese
Apr-2011Interaction of angio-associated migratory cell protein with the TPα and TPβ isoforms of the human thromboxane A2 receptorReid, Helen M.Wikström, KatarinaKavanagh, David J.Mulvaney, Eamon P.Kinsella, B. Therese
Oct-2012Interaction of the Human Prostacyclin Receptor and the NHERF4 Family member Intestinal and Kidney Enriched PDZ Protein (IKEPP)Reid, Helen M.Turner, Elizebeth C.Mulvaney, Eamon P.Hyland, Paula B.McLean, CaitrionaKinsella, B. Therese
8-Jun-2011Interaction of the human prostacyclin receptor with the PDZ adapter protein PDZK : role in endothelial cell migration and angiogenesisTurner, Elizebeth C.Mulvaney, Eamon P.Reid, Helen M.Kinsella, B. Therese
Apr-2017Regulation of protein kinase C-related kinase (PRK) signalling by the TPα and TPβ isoforms of the human thromboxane A2 receptor: Implications for thromboxane- and androgen- dependent neoplastic and epigenetic responses in prostate cancerO'Sullivan, Áine G.Mulvaney, Eamon P.Kinsella, B. Therese
Jun-2014Transcriptional regulation of the human thromboxane A2 receptor gene by Wilms' tumor (WT)1 and hypermethylated in cancer (HIC) 1 in prostate and breast cancersKeating, Garret L.Reid, Helen M.Eivers, Sarah B.Mulvaney, Eamon P.Kinsella, B. Therese