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18-Apr-2019AgriBenchmark: Benchmarking Sustainable Nutrient Management on Irish Farms. EPA Research Report No.274Murphy, Paul N.C.Thomas, IanBuckley, CathalKelly, Edelet al.
25-Apr-2017Benchmarking Nutrient Use on Irish Farms 2012-2015Kelly, EdelBuckley, CathalHennessy, ThiaDillon, EmmaThomas, IanMurphy, Paul
16-Sep-2016Benchmarking P and N use efficiency in Irish farm systems to motivate practice changeMurphy, PaulHennessy, ThiaBuckley, Cathal
Mar-2010A controlled evaluation of a prison based sexual offender intervention programmeO'Reilly, GaryCarr, AlanMurphy, PaulCotter, Anthony
31-Aug-2017Effects of mitigation measures on phosphorus loss across the transfer continuum from soil to water in a monitored dairy grassland catchmentMurphy, PaulMellander, Per-ErikMelland, Aliceet al.
21-Jun-2018Establishing national benchmarks of N and P balances and use efficiencies on Irish grassland farmsThomas, IanBuckley, CathalKelly, EdelMurphy, Paulet al.
21-Jun-2018Estimated nitrous oxide emissions from nitrogen fertilizer use on multispecies grassland compared to monoculturesMurphy, PaulHiggins, S.Grace, C.Lynch, BridgetTracy, SaoirseSheridan, Helenet al.
3-Jun-2019Improving national mapping of critical source areas of phosphorus and nitrogen losses in Irish agricultural catchments to support policyThomas, Ian A.Bruen, MichaelMockler, Eva M.Kelly, EdelMurphy, Paulet al.
9-Sep-2013Managing legacy soil phosphorus in grassland soils for agricultural productivity and environmental quality: a reviewMurphy, PaulSims, T.J.McDowell, al.
9-Sep-2013Managing Legacy Soil Phosphorus to Sustain Agriculture and Protect Water QualitySims, J.T.Murphy, PaulWall, David
20-Oct-2018Multidisciplinary cognitive behavioural therapy pain management programme incorporating Tai Chi exercise for participants with mobility Issues: A feasability evaluationRothwell, Elvina ElizabethSzukalska, NataliaMurphy, PaulPeatfield, Alan A.D.Fleming, Hamishet al.
13-Sep-2013Phosphorus management, changes in soil P status over time and stream P loss in an intensive dairy catchmentMurphy, PaulMelland, AliceMellander, Per-Eriket al.
Jan-2000A robust method for the evaluation of prison based sex offender treatment programmesO'Reilly, GaryMurphy, PaulCotter, AnthonyCarr, Alan
1-Feb-2009Variations in travel time for N loading to groundwaters in four case studies in Ireland: Implications for policy makers and regulatorsFenton, OwenCoxon, CatherineHaria, AHMurphy, Paulet al.