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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jan-2015Competing to coordinate cell fate decisions: the MST2-Raf-1 signaling deviceNguyen, Lan K.Matallanas, DavidRomano, DavidKholodenko, Boris N.Kolch, Walter
1-Mar-2011Distinct noise-controlling roles of multiple negative feedback mechanisms in a prokaryotic operon systemNguyen, Lan K.Kulasiri, D.
6-Feb-2013A dynamic model of the hypoxia-inducible factor 1 (HIF-1α) networkNguyen, Lan K.Cavadas, Miguel A. S.Scholz, Carsten al.
29-Jul-2015DYVIPAC: an integrated analysis and visualisation framework to probe multi-dimensional biological networksNguyen, Lan K.Degasperi, AndreaCotter, PhilipKholodenko, Boris N.
Feb-2016Feedback regulation in cell signalling: Lessons for cancer therapeuticsNguyen, Lan K.Kholodenko, Boris N.
7-Jul-2016HER2-HER3 dimer quantification by FLIM-FRET predicts breast cancer metastatic relapse independently of HER2 IHC statusWeitsman, GregoryBarber, Paul R.Nguyen, Lan K.Kholodenko, Boris al.
2013Hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) network: insights from mathematical modelsCavadas, Miguel A. S.Nguyen, Lan K.Cheong, Alex
5-Oct-2014Integrated signaling pathway and gene expression regulatory model to dissect dynamics of Escherichia coli challenged mammary epithelial cellsden Breems, Nicoline Y.Nguyen, Lan K.Kulasiri, Don
25-Jun-2014Nonlinear signalling networks and cell-to-cell variability transform external signals into broadly distributed or bimodal responsesDobrzyński, MaciejNguyen, Lan K.Birtwistle, Marc R.Kriegsheim, Alexander vonBlanco-Fernandez, AlfonsoCheong, AlexKolch, WalterKholodenko, Boris N.
8-Dec-2015Phosphorylation of RAF Kinase Dimers Drives Conformational Changes that Facilitate TransactivationJambrina, Pablo G.Rauch, NoraPilkington, RuthRybakova, KatjaNguyen, Lan K.Kholodenko, Boris N.Buchete, Nicolae-ViorelKolch, WalterRosta, Edina
24-Jan-2014Polyubiquitin chain assembly and organization determine the dynamics of protein activation and degradationNguyen, Lan K.Dobrzyńskia, MaciejFey, DirkKholodenko, Boris N.
3-Aug-2015Protein-protein interactions generate hidden feedback and feed-forward loops to trigger bistable switches, oscillations and biphasic dose-responsesVarusai, Thawfeek M.Kolch, WalterKholodenko, Boris N.Nguyen, Lan K.
14-Mar-2012Regulation of oscillation dynamics in biochemical systems with dual negative feedback loopsNguyen, Lan K.
Nov-2015Relationship between serum response factor and androgen receptor in prostate cancerPrencipe, MariaO'Neill, AmandaO'Hurley, GillianNguyen, Lan K.Fabre, AurélieGallagher, William M.Watson, R. Williamet al.
7-Oct-2016SARAH Domain-mediated MST2-RASSF Dimeric InteractionsSánchez-Sanz, GoarTywoniuk, BartłomiejMatallanas, DavidRomano, DavidNguyen, Lan K.Kholodenko, Boris N.Rosta, EdinaKolch, WalterBuchete, Nicolae-Viorel
14-Mar-2012Signalling by protein phosphatases and drug development: a systems-centred viewNguyen, Lan K.Matallanas, DavidCroucher, David al.
22-Mar-2016Substrate-Trapped Interactors of PHD3 and FIH Cluster in Distinct Signaling PathwaysRodriguez, JavierPilkington, RuthGarcia Munoz, AmayaNguyen, Lan K.Rauch, NoraKennedy, Susan A.Monsefi, NaserHerrero, AnaTaylor, Cormac T.Kriegsheim, Alexander von
15-Dec-2011Switches, Excitable Responses and Oscillations in the Ring1B/Bmi1 Ubiquitination SystemNguyen, Lan K.Muñoz-García, JavierMaccario, Heleneet al.
Dec-2014Ubiquitin chain specific auto-ubiquitination triggers sustained oscillation, bistable switches and excitable firingNguyen, Lan K.Zhao, QiVarusai, Thawfeek M.Kholodenko, Boris N.
Apr-2016Understanding complexity in the HIF signaling pathway using systems biology and mathematical modelingFábián, ZsoltTaylor, Cormac T.Nguyen, Lan K.