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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2004COST 345 – Procedures Required for Assessing Highway Structures, Work packages 4 and 5 reportAdey, BryanBailey, SimonDas, ParagO'Brien, Eugene J.González, Arturoet al.
2002Critical Loading Events for the Assessment of Medium-Span BridgesCaprani, Colin C.Graves, S.A.O'Brien, Eugene J.
24-May-2010Critical speed for the dynamics of truck events on bridges with a smooth road surfaceGonzález, ArturoO'Brien, Eugene J.Cantero, DanielLi, YingyanDowling, JasonZnidaric, Ales
19-May-2016Cross entropy weight minimization of a compressive strutO'Brien, Eugene J.Malekjafarian, AbdollahMicu, Alexandra
7-Sep-2016Damage Detection by Drive-by Monitoring Using the Vertical Displacements of a BridgeMartinez, DanielO'Brien, Eugene J.Sevillano, Enrique
Jul-2017Damage detection using curvatures obtained from vehicle measurementsO'Brien, Eugene J.Martinez, DanielMalekjafarian, AbdollahSevillano, Enrique
Sep-2012Damping Detection for Periodic Bridge Health Monitoring Using a Moving VehicleMcGetrick, P.Kim, Chul-WooGonzález, ArturoO'Brien, Eugene J.Kawatani, Mitsuo
27-Jun-2016Design of roads in harmony with wildlifeO'Brien, Eugene J.Tschan, GeorgWansink, Dennis E. H.Puky, Miklós
2010Detection of Bridge Dynamic Parameters Using an Instrumented VehicleGonzález, ArturoO'Brien, Eugene J.McGetrick, P.
Sep-2008Determination of bridge lifetime dynamic amplification factor using finite element analysis of critical loading scenariosGonzález, ArturoRattigan, ParaicO'Brien, Eugene J.Caprani, Colin C.
1-May-2017Determination of longitudinal profile of railway track using vehicle-based inertial readingsO'Brien, Eugene J.Bowe, CathalQuirke, ParaicCantero, Daniel
7-Sep-2012Determination of Minimum Gap in Congested TrafficBlacoe, SerenaCaprani, Colin C.O'Brien, Eugene J.Lipari, Alessandro
2000The Determination of Site-Specific Imposed Traffic Loadings on Existing BridgesGraves, S.A.O'Brien, Eugene J.O'Connor, Alan
23-Apr-2015Determination of Vertical Alignment of Track using Accelerometer ReadingsO'Brien, Eugene J.Bowe, CathalQuirke, Paraic
12-Dec-2014Development of a Bridge Weigh-in-Motion Sensor: Performance Comparison Using Fiber Optic and Electrical Resistance Strain Sensor SystemsLydon, MyraTaylor, Su E.Robinson, DesmondO'Brien, Eugene al.
May-2006The development of a dynamic amplification estimator for bridges with good road profilesLi, YingyanO'Brien, Eugene J.González, Arturo
15-Feb-2017Direct Field Measurement of the Dynamic Amplification in a BridgeCarey, CiaranO'Brien, Eugene J.Malekjafarian, AbdollahLydon, MyraTaylor, Su E.
Dec-2013Direct measurement of dynamics in road bridges using a bridge weigh-in-motion systemO'Brien, Eugene J.González, ArturoDowling, JasonZnidaric, Ales
30-Aug-2016Drive-by Bridge Damage Detection Using Curvatures in Uncertain EnvironmentsMartinez, DanielO'Brien, Eugene J.Sevillano, Enrique
May-2014Drive-by bridge inspection from three different approachesKim, Chul-WooIsemoto, R.McGetrick, P.Kawatani, MitsuoO'Brien, Eugene J.