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7-Dec-2018Additive Manufacture of Composite Soft Pneumatic ActuatorsByrne, OisínCoulter, FergalGlynn, MarkJones, James F. X.Ní Annaidh, AislingO'Cearbhaill, Eoin D.Holland, Dónal P
20-Jul-2016Bulk metallic glasses for implantable medical devices and surgical toolsMeagher, PhilipO'Cearbhaill, Eoin D.Byrne, James H.Browne, David J.
28-Aug-2015Comparison of crystalline and amorphous versions of a magnesium-based alloy: corrosion and cell responseByrne, James H.O'Cearbhaill, Eoin D.Browne, David J.
Oct-2020Development and Evaluation of 3D-Printed Dry Microneedle Electrodes for Surface ElectromyographyKrieger, KevinLiegey, JérémyCahill, Ellen MaryBertollo, NickyLowery, Madeleine M.O'Cearbhaill, Eoin D.
9-Mar-2021In silico design of additively manufacturable composite synthetic vascular conduits and grafts with tuneable complianceByrne, OisínCoulter, FergalRoche, Ellen T.O'Cearbhaill, Eoin D.
Dec-2019A Radial Clutch Needle for Facile and Safe Tissue Compartment AccessO'Cearbhaill, Eoin D.Laulicht, BryanMitchell, Niamh
9-Sep-2019Simple and customizable method for fabrication of high-aspect ratio microneedle molds using low-cost 3D printingKrieger, KevinBertollo, NickyDangol, ManitaSheridan, John T.Lowery, Madeleine M.O'Cearbhaill, Eoin D.
2015Towards Biofunctional Microneedles for Stimulus Responsive Drug DeliveryCahill, Ellen MaryO'Cearbhaill, Eoin D.