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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Mar-2016The effect of prestress force magnitude and eccentricity on the natural bending frequencies of prestressed concrete structuresNoble, DarraghNogal, MariaO'Connor, AlanPakrashi, Vikram
27-Jun-2016The Effect of Traffic Growth on Characteristic Bridge Load EffectsLeahy, CathalO'Brien, Eugene J.O'Connor, Alan
Aug-2010Effect of tuned mass damper on the interaction of a quarter car model with a damaged bridgePakrashi, VikramO'Connor, AlanBasu, Biswajit
1998Effects of Traffic Loads on Road Bridges - Preliminary Studies for the Re-Asessment of the Traffic Load Model for Eurocode 1, Part 3.O'Connor, AlanJacob, BernardO'Brien, Eugene J.Prat, Michel
2000An Experimental Investigtion of Spatial RepeatabilityO'Connor, AlanO'Brien, Eugene J.Jacob, Bernard
Mar-2012Fragility analysis of steel and concrete wind turbine towersQuilligan, AidanO'Connor, AlanPakrashi, Vikram
1-Aug-2013Horizontal loading effects of fresh concrete on precast archesCahill, PaulAllen, EPakrashi, VikramO'Connor, Alan
17-Apr-2014Long life bridgesO'Brien, Eugene J.Tucker, M.O'Connor, Alan
7-Sep-2012Long Life BridgesO'Brien, Eugene J.O'Connor, AlanTucker, M.
15-Sep-2009Nondetection, false alarm, and calibration insensitivity in kurtosis- and pseudofractal-based singularity detectionPakrashi, VikramBasu, BiswajitO'Connor, Alan
29-Aug-2014Probabilistic analysis of potential impact of extreme weather events on infrastructuresO'Connor, AlanO'Brien, Eugene J.Hajializadeh, Donya
7-Sep-2012Procedures for Calibration of Eurocode Traffic Load Model 1 for National ConditionsO'Brien, Eugene J.O'Connor, AlanTucker, M.
Feb-2005Procedures for the assessment of highway structuresO'Brien, Eugene J.Znidaric, AlesBrady, K. C.González, ArturoO'Connor, Alan
5-Oct-2001Report of Current Studies Performed on Normal Load Model of EC1-Part 2. Traffic Loads on Bridges, 5(4),O'Connor, AlanJacob, BernardO'Brien, Eugene J.Prat, Michel
30-Apr-2008ROC dependent event isolation method for image processing based assessment of corroded harbour structuresPakrashi, VikramSchoefs, FranckMemet, Jean BernardO'Connor, Alan
14-Jul-2009A statistical measure for wavelet based singularity detectionPakrashi, VikramBasu, BiswajitO'Connor, Alan
Sep-2007Structural damage detection and calibration using a wavelet-kurtosis techniquePakrashi, VikramBasu, BiswajitO'Connor, Alan
28-Jun-2008A study on the effects of damage models and wavelet bases for damage identification and calibration in beamsPakrashi, VikramO'Connor, AlanBasu, Biswajit
7-Sep-2012Sustainable Maintenance and Analysis of Rail Transport Infrastructure (SMART rail)Gavin, KennethO'Connor, AlanO'Brien, Eugene J.Tucker, M.
2000Test of WIM Sensors and Systems on an Urban RoadCaprez, MarkusDoupal, EmilJacob, BernardO'Connor, AlanO'Brien, Eugene J.