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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Oct-2006Protocol assessment issues in low duty cycle sensor networks : the switching energyRuzzelli, Antonio G.CotanCotan, P.O'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)Tynan, RichardHavinga, P. J. M.
2002Providing Social Scaffolding for Effective Agent CommunitiesO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
Jul-2010Radio Sleep Mode Optimization in Wireless Sensor NetworksJurdak, RajaRuzzelli, Antonio G.O'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
Jun-2010Real-time recognition and profiling of appliances through a single electricity sensorRuzzelli, Antonio G.Nicolas, C.Schoofs, AnthonyO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
2008Realising an Agent-oriented middleware for Heterogeneous Sensor NetworksMuldoon, ConorTynan, RichardO'Grady, Michael J.O'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
8-Nov-2004Realizing the ambient intelligence vision through the deployment of mobile, intentional agentsO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)Keegan, StephenO'Grady, Michael J.
Dec-2008Research and application of clustering algorithm for arbitrary data setSong, Yu-ChenO'Grady, Michael J.O'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
2012Retail in the Digital CityKeegan, StephenO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)O'Grady, Michael J.
13-Jul-2005Robot soccer anywhere: achieving persistent autonomous navigation, mapping and object vision tracking in dynamic environmentsDragone, MauroO'Donaghue, RuadhanLeonard, John J.O'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)Duffy, Brian R.Patrikalakis, AndrewLeederkerken, Jacques
2012Robotic UBIquitous COgnitive NetworkAmato, G.Broxvall, M.Dragone, MauroGennaro, C.Lopez, R.Maguire, L.McGinnity, T. M.Micheli, A.Renteria, A.O'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)Pecora, F.
22-Feb-2012Robotic UBIquitous COgnitive Networks (RUBICON)Abdel-Naby, S.Amato, G.Bacciu, D.Chessa, S.Coleman, S.Di Rocco, M.Dragone, MauroGallicchio, C.Gennaro, C.Guzman, R.Lopez, R.Lozano, H.Maguire, L.McGinnity, T. M.Micheli, A.O'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)Pecora, F.Ray, A.Renteria, A.Saffiotti, A.Swords, D.Vairo, C.
4-Nov-2005A Role-based Approach to Reuse in Agent-Oriented ProgrammingCollier, RemRoss, RobertO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
16-Apr-2012A Self-adaptive Unifying Mechanism For Autonomous Energy Management In Wireless Sensor NetworksXu, LinaO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)Collier, RemMurdoch, Olga
19-Mar-2012Sensing the sensor webWan, JieO'Grady, Michael J.O'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
14-May-2000Sensor fusion for social roboticsDuffy, Brian R.Garcia, C.Rooney, ColmO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
Apr-2012Sensor Web InteractionO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)Muldoon, ConorO'Grady, Michael J.Collier, RemMurdoch, OlgaCarr, Dominic
15-Nov-2010Sensorworld – A simulator for resource-bounded intelligenceShen, SongO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)O'Grady, Michael J.
Dec-2010Service fusion in mobile contextsShen, J. M.O'Grady, Michael J.O'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
Oct-2010Simulating interaction with wireless sensor networksBrennan, Adam J.O'Grady, Michael J.O'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
Aug-2012Social Choice in Sensor NetworksMuldoon, ConorO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)