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Jan-2015Gestational Weight Gain and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: Popular Beliefs and Emerging EvidenceO'Higgins, LisaO'Higgins, AmyGray, SophieMcCartan, ThomasRowan, AnnFennessey, AnneTurner, Michael
1-May-2015The interplay between maternal obesity and gestational diabetes mellitusFarren, MariaDaly, NiamhO'Higgins, AmyMcKeating, AoifeMaguire, Patrick J.Turner, Michael
Jan-2015Interpregnancy changes in maternal weight and body mass indexCrosby, David A.Collins, MarthaO'Higgins, AmyMullaney, LauraFarah, NadineTurner, Michael
Jan-2016The Irish Maternity Early Warning System (IMEWS)Maguire, Patrick J.O'Higgins, AmyPower, Karen AnnTurner, M.J.
7-Jun-2018Is birth weight the major confounding factor in the study of gestational weight gain?: an observational cohort studyO'Higgins, AmyDoolan, AnneMcCartan, ThomasMullaney, LauraO'Connor, ClareTurner, Michael J.
Jul-2015Maternal Obesity and Neck CircumferenceAnglim, B.O'Higgins, AmyDaly, NiamhFarren, MariaTurner, Michael
Aug-2014A National Survey of implementation for Guidelines for Gestational Diabetes MellitusO'Higgins, AmyDunne, F.Lee, B.Smith, D.Turner, Michael
30-Jul-2016Provision of Information about Infant Feeding Postpartum Through Digital MediaMullaney, LauraCawley, ShonaO'Higgins, AmyKennedy, RachelMcCartney, DanielTurner, Michael
Jul-2014The relationship between gestational weight gain and fetal growth: time to take stock?O'Higgins, AmyDoolan, AnneMullaney, LauraDaly, NiamhMcCartney, DanielTurner, Michael
Dec-2014The use of digital media by women using the maternity services in a developed countryO'Higgins, AmyMurphy, Olivia C.Egan, AileenMullaney, LauraSheehan, S.Turner, Michael