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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Aug-2011Influence of dc Pulsed Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet Processing Conditions on Polymer ActivationDowling, Denis P.O'Neill, Feidhlim T.Langlais, Simon J.Law, Victor J.
16-Oct-2005Material kinetics during fabrication of holographic gratings in acrylamide-based photopolymerClose, Ciara E.Kelly, John V.Gleeson, M. R.O'Neill, Feidhlim T.Sheridan, John T.
11-Aug-2003Non-local polymerization driven diffusion based model : general dependence of the polymerization rate to the exposure intensityNeipp, CristianBeléndez, A.Sheridan, John T.Kelly, John V.O'Neill, Feidhlim T.Gallego, SergiOrtuño, M.Pascual, I.
1-Feb-2005Nonlocal polymerization-driven diffusion-model-based examination of the scaling law for holographic data storageSheridan, John T.Gleeson, Michael G.Kelly, John V.O'Neill, Feidhlim T.
1-Nov-2006Paraxial speckle-based metrology systems with an apertureKelly, Damien P.Ward, Jennifer E.Hennelly, Bryan M.Gopinathan, UnnikrishnanO'Neill, Feidhlim T.Sheridan, John T.
10-Sep-2005Recording beam modulation during grating formationGleeson, M. R.Kelly, John V.O'Neill, Feidhlim T.Sheridan, John T.
2013Resonances and patterns within the kINPen-MED atmospheric pressure plasma jetLaw, Victor J.Chebbi, AhmedO'Neill, Feidhlim al.
1-Jan-2006Speckle photography : mixed domain fractional Fourier motion detectionPatten, RobertHennelly, Bryan M.Kelly, Damien P.O'Neill, Feidhlim T.Liu, YingSheridan, John T.
5-Sep-2005Temporal analysis of grating formation in photopolymer using the nonlocal polymerization-driven diffusion modelKelly, John V.Gleeson, M. R.Close, Ciara E.O'Neill, Feidhlim T.Sheridan, John T.Gallego, SergiNeipp, Cristian
Jun-2006Temporal response and first order volume changes during grating formation in photopolymersKelly, John V.Gleeson, M. R.Close, Ciara E.O'Neill, Feidhlim T.Sheridan, John T.Gallego, SergiNeipp, Cristian
Apr-2001Thickness variation of self-processing acrylamide-based photopolymer and reflection holographyO'Neill, Feidhlim T.Lawrence, Justin R.Sheridan, John T.