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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Natural computing in finance : a reviewBrabazon, AnthonyDang, JingDempsey, IanO'Neill, MichaelEdelman, David
2-Mar-2011Neutrality in evolutionary algorithms... what do we know?Galván-López, EdgarPoli, RiccardoKattan, AhmedO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
12-Jul-2011A non-destructive grammar modification approach to modularity in grammatical evolutionSwafford, John MarkHemberg, ErikO'Neill, MichaelNicolau, MiguelBrabazon, Anthony
Jul-2010Objective function design in a grammatical evolutionary trading systemBradley, RobertBrabazon, AnthonyO'Neill, Michael
Sep-2010Open issues in genetic programmingO'Neill, MichaelVanneschi, LeonardoGustafson, StevenBanzhaf, Wolfgang
27-Apr-2011A preliminary investigation of overfitting in evolutionary driven model induction : implications for financial modellingTuite, ClíodhnaAgapitos, AlexandrosO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
31-Aug-2011Reactiveness and navigation in computer games : different needs, different approachesPerez, DiegoNicolau, MiguelO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
Jan-2009Recent patents on genetic programmingO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
Jun-2009Riccardo Poli, William B. Langdon, Nicholas F. McPhee : a field guide to genetic programmingO'Neill, Michael
14-Oct-2011Semantic-based subtree crossover applied to dynamic problemsNguyen, Quang UyMurphy, EoinO'Neill, MichaelNguyen, Xuan Hoai
Jun-2011Semantically-based crossover in genetic programming : application to real-valued symbolic regressionNguyen, Quang UyNguyen, Xuan HoaiO'Neill, MichaelMcKay, Bob (Bob I.)Galván-López, Edgar
2011A symbolic regression approach to manage femtocell coverage using grammatical genetic programmingHemberg, ErikHo, LesterO'Neill, MichaelClaussen, Holger
Jul-2010The syntax of stock selection : grammatical evolution of a stock picking modelMcGee, RichardO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
2011Tackling overfitting in evolutionary-driven financial model inductionTuite, ClíodhnaAgapitos, AlexandrosO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
15-Jun-2012Termination in Grammatical Evolution: Grammar Design, Wrapping, and TailsNicolau, MiguelO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
28-May-2015Tonality driven piano compositions with Grammatical EvolutionLoughran, RóisínMcDermott, JamesO'Neill, Michael
Sep-2011Tracer spectrum : a visualisation method for distributed evolutionary computationO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, AnthonyHemberg, Erik
Jul-2010Tree-adjunct grammatical evolutionMurphy, EoinO'Neill, MichaelGalván-López, EdgarBrabazon, Anthony
11-Jul-2014Wave height quantification using land based seismic data with grammatical evolutionDonne, SarahNicolau, MiguelBean, Christopher J.O'Neill, Michael