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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2018A European collection of the Critical Thinking skills and dispositions needed in different professional fields for the 21st centuryDumitr, DanielaBigu, DragosElen, JanAhern, AoifeMcNally, CiaranO'Sullivan, J. al.
Jan-2018A European review on Critical Thinking educational practices in Higher Education InstitutionsDumitru, DanielaBigu, DragosElen, JanAhern, AoifeMcNally, CiaranO'Sullivan, J. al.
Mar-2010An evaluation of urban flood estimation methodologies in IrelandO'Sullivan, J. J.Gebre, F.Bruen, MichaelPurcell, Patrick J.
8-May-2020Extreme wave overtopping at ecologically modified sea defencesSalauddin, MdO'Sullivan, J. J.Abolfathi, SoroushPearson, Jonathan M.
2004Flow resistance of emergent vegetationJames, C. S.Birkhead, A. L.Jordanova, A. A.O'Sullivan, J. J.
15-Mar-2016A high-resolution, multi-model analysis of Irish temperatures for the mid-21st centuryO'Sullivan, J. J.Sweeney, ConorNolan, PaulGleeson, Emily
2012Influences on flood frequency distributions in Irish river catchmentsAhilan, SangaralingamBruen, MichaelO'Sullivan, J. J.
27-Jun-2018Integrated modelling of urban, rural and coastal domains for bathing water quality prediction – Smart Coasts and Acclimatize ProjectsO'Sullivan, J. J.Bedri, ZeinabCorkery, AislingDeering, LouiseDemeter, KatalinMeijer, WimMasterson, BartholemewO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
9-Dec-2013An investigation of the changes in the natural frequency of a pile affected by scourPrendergast, Luke J.Hester, DavidGavin, KennethO'Sullivan, J. J.
8-Mar-2019A literature review of critical thinking in engineering educationAhern, AoifeDominguez, CarolineMcNally, CiaranO'Sullivan, J. J.Pedrosa, Daniela
15-Nov-2016Modelling Quantified Microbial Source Specific Pollution from Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems during High FlowsCorkery, AislingO'Sullivan, J. J.Deering, LouiseDemeter, KatalinBallesté, ElisendaMasterson, BatMeijer, WimO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
12-Nov-2012A modified Muskingum routing approach for floodplain flows: theory and practiceO'Sullivan, J. J.Ahilan, SangaralingamBruen, Michael
7-Sep-2012Non-Intrusive Bridge Scour Analysis Technique using Laboratory Test ApparatusPrendergast, Luke J.Gavin, KennethO'Sullivan, J. J.
1-Sep-2006Overbank flow depth prediction in alluvial compound channelsKaramisheva, R. D.Lyness, J. F.Myers, W. R. C.Cassells, J. B. C.O'Sullivan, J. J.
2012Risk perception – issues for flood management in EuropeBradford, R. A.O'Sullivan, J. J.van der Craats, I. M.Krywkow, J.Rotko, P.Aaltonen, J.Bonaiuto, M.De Dominicis, S.Waylen, K.Schelfaut, K.
1-Sep-2006Sediment transport formulae for compound channel flowsKaramisheva, R. D.Lyness, J. F.Myers, W. R. C.Cassells, J. B. C.O'Sullivan, J. J.
Jun-2012Stage–discharge prediction in straight compound channels using 3D numerical modelsConway, PhilipO'Sullivan, J. J.Lambert, M. F.
Nov-2014Studying the maximum instantaneous non-synchronous generation in an Island system-frequency stability challenges in IrelandO'Sullivan, J. J.Rogers, AlanFlynn, DamianSmith, PaulMullane, AlanO'Malley, Mark
28-Feb-2019TRUSS Training in Reducing Uncertainty in Structural Safety: D2.5 Final Report: WP2 - Dissemination and OutreachGonzález, ArturoCasas, Joan RamonAhern, AoifeMartinez, DanielLaefer, Debra F.O'Brien, Eugene J.O'Sullivan, J. J.Manriquez, LoretoBeizaei, ParisaPurcell, Patrick J.Chen, SiyuanAntonopoulou, Sofiaet al.
Jun-2012Urban drainage in Ireland - embracing sustainable systemsO'Sullivan, J. J.Bruen, MichaelPurcell, Patrick J.Gebre, F.