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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Jul-2011Site selective surface enhanced Raman on nanostructured cavitiesLordan, FrancesRice, James H.Jose, BincyForster, Robert J.Keyes, Tia E.
Feb-2016Strong coupling in molecular exciton-plasmon Au nanorod array systemsFedele, StefanoHakami, ManalMurphy, AntonyPollard, RobertRice, James H.
Jan-2011Sub-wavelength infrared imaging of lipidsYarrow, FionaKennedy, EamonnSalaun, FredericRice, James H.
Aug-2013Surface enhanced luminescence and Raman scattering from ferroelectrically defined Ag nanopatterned arraysDamm, SigneCraig Carville, N.Manzo, MicheleRodriguez, Brian J.Rice, James al.
11-Oct-2010Surface enhanced resonance Raman and luminescence on plasmon active nanostructured cavitiesLordan, FrancesRice, James H.Jose, BincyForster, Robert J.Keyes, Tia E.
11-May-2012Surface-enhanced Raman scattering from small numbers of purified and oxidised single-walled carbon nanotubesAl-Alttar, NebrasKennedy, EamonnKopf, IlonaGiordani, SilviaRice, James H.
May-2013Surface-enhanced Raman scattering spectra of radial breathing modes and G+/- bands in functionalised nanotubesAl-Alttar, NebrasKopf, IlonaFlavin, KevinKennedy, EamonnGiordani, SilviaRice, James H.
29-Jan-2013Temperature dependence of a1 and b2 type modes in the surface enhanced Raman from 4-AminobenzenethiolLordan, FrancesAl-Attar, NebrasMallon, C.Bras, JérémyCollet, GabriellaForster, Robert J.Keyes, Tia E.Rice, James H.
Feb-2017Thermal and aqueous stability improvement of graphene oxide enhanced diphenylalanine nanocompositesRyan, KateNeumayer, Sabine M.Maraka, Harsha Vardhan R.Buchete, Nicolae-ViorelKholkin, Andrei L.Rice, James H.Rodriguez, Brian J.
2016Wettability gradient-induced alignment of peptide nanotubes as templates for biosensing applicationsAlmohammed, SawsanOladapo, Sarah O.Ryan, KateKholkin, Andrei L.Rice, James H.Rodriguez, Brian J.