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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2015The influence of network structures of Wikipedia discussion pages on the efficiency of WikiProjectsQin, XiangjuCunningham, PádraigSalter-Townshend, Michael
11-Dec-2010A latent space mapping for link predictionBrew, AnthonySalter-Townshend, Michael
Sep-2017Latent space models for multiview network dataSalter-Townshend, MichaelMcCormick, Tyler H.
31-Aug-2013Mixtures of biased sentiment analysersSalter-Townshend, MichaelMurphy, Thomas Brendan
2016Online Trans-dimensional von Mises-Fisher Mixture Models for User ProfilesQin, XiangjuCunningham, PádraigSalter-Townshend, Michael
Aug-2012Review of Statistical Network Analysis: Models, Algorithms, and SoftwareSalter-Townshend, MichaelWhite, ArthurGollini, IsabellaMurphy, Thomas Brendan
2015Role Analysis in Networks Using Mixtures of Exponential Random Graph ModelsSalter-Townshend, MichaelMurphy, Thomas Brendan
18-Dec-2012Sentiment Analysis of Online MediaSalter-Townshend, MichaelMurphy, Thomas Brendan
2012Sentiment analysis of online mediaSalter-Townshend, MichaelMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Dec-2009Variational Bayesian inference for the Latent Position Cluster ModelSalter-Townshend, MichaelMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Jan-2013Variational Bayesian inference for the Latent Position Cluster Model for network dataSalter-Townshend, MichaelMurphy, Thomas Brendan