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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2013Hydroxylase-dependent regulation of the NF-κB pathwayScholz, Carsten C.Taylor, Cormac T.
27-May-2016Hypercapnia Suppresses the HIF-dependent Adaptive Response to HypoxiaSelfridge, Andrew C.Cavadas, Miguel A. S.Scholz, Carsten C.Campbell, Eric L.Welch, Lynn C.Lecuona, EmiliaColgan, Sean P.Barrett, Kim E.Sporn, Peter H.Sznajder, Jacob I.Cummins, Eoin P.Taylor, Cormac T.
Oct-2013Regulation of IL-1β-induced NF-κB by hydroxylases links key hypoxic and inflammatory signaling pathwaysScholz, Carsten C.Cavadas, Miguel A. S.Tambuwala, Murtaza M.Hams, EmilyRodriguez, JavierKriegsheim, Alexander vonCotter, PhilipBruning, UlrikeFallon, Padraic G.Cheong, AlexCummins, Eoin P.Taylor, Cormac T.
17-Aug-2016REST is a hypoxia-responsive transcriptional repressorCavadas, Miguel A. S.Mesnieres, MarionCrifo, BiancaManresa, Mario C.Selfridge, Andrew C.Keogh, Ciara E.Fábián, ZsoltScholz, Carsten C.Nolan, Karen A.Rocha, Liliane M.A.Tambuwala, Murtaza M.Brown, StuartWdowicz, AnitaCorbett, DanielleMurphy, Keith J.Godson, CatherineCummins, Eoin P.Taylor, Cormac T.Cheong, Alex
9-Dec-2015REST mediates resolution of HIF-dependent gene expression in prolonged hypoxiaCavadas, Miguel A. S.Mesnieres, MarionCrifo, BiancaManresa, Mario C.Selfridge, Andrew C.Scholz, Carsten C.Cummins, Eoin P.Cheong, AlexTaylor, Cormac T.