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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Ordering Things: The Irish State Administration DatabaseHardiman, NiamhScott, Colin
2003Organizational Variety in Regulatory Governance: An Agenda for a Comparative Investigation of OECD CountriesScott, Colin
2004Paradoxes of Independence and Accountability in Commonwealth Regulatory GovernanceScott, Colin
Mar-2002Private Regulation of the Public Sector: A Neglected Facet of Contemporary GovernanceScott, Colin
May-2011The Public Management of Liability RisksHalliday, SimonIlan, JonathanScott, Colin
26-Oct-2007Puzzles of agencification : an organizational analysisHardiman, NiamhScott, Colin
2007Re-thinking Regulatory Governance for the Age of BiotechnologyScott, Colin
2009Reflexive Governance in Better Regulation: Evidence From Three CountriesBrown, CiaraScott, Colin
2008Reflexive Governance, Meta-Regulation and Corporate Social Responsibility: The Heineken EffectScott, Colin
2010Reflexive Governance, Regulation and Meta-regulation: Control or Learning?Scott, Colin
26-Feb-2008Regulating everythingScott, Colin
2012Regulating Everything: From Mega- to Meta-regulationScott, Colin
2011Regulating in Global RegimesScott, Colin
21-Jun-2018Regulating judicial conduct effectivelyScott, Colin
2008Regulating Private LegislationScott, Colin
2012Regulating the Public Sector: Towards a New Paradigm for Governing GovernmentsScott, Colin
2001Regulation and Governance Reforms for Ireland and the European UnionScott, Colin
Jul-2009Regulation and Human Rights in Socio-Legal ScholarshipDarian-Smith, EveScott, Colin
Mar-2017Regulation and risk todayScott, Colin
2010Regulation in Ireland: History, Structure, Style and ReformBrown, CiaraScott, Colin