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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-May-2019Challenges of Designing and Implementing Simulation Models of Peer ReviewFeliciani, ThomasLucas, PabloLuo, JunwenShankar, Kalpana
Jun-2012Confronting Institutional and Structural Inequities in Computing and AcademiaShankar, Kalpana
31-May-2021‘The COVID-19 crisis is not the core problem’: experiences, challenges, and concerns of Irish academia during the pandemicShankar, KalpanaPhelan, DeanSuri, Venkata Ratnadeep
Oct-2016Creating an Evidence-Based Digital Curation Curriculum for Ireland: Case Study at University College DublinShankar, KalpanaCushing, Amber
12-Feb-2018Digital curation on a small Island: a study of professional education and training needs in IrelandCushing, AmberShankar, Kalpana
4-Jun-2018Ethnography, Documents, and Big Data: Reflections on Teaching with David HakkenShankar, Kalpana
Dec-2015For Want of a Nail: Three Tropes in Digital CurationShankar, Kalpana
1-Mar-2018From MLIS students to LIS professionals: combining research with professional development and career planning in graduate educationMcGuinness, ClaireShankar, Kalpana
3-Jul-2019The Future of Information Studies: Reflections on Sociotechnical ImaginariesShankar, Kalpana
Mar-2016Future Proofing the Digital Society: An Introduction to Digital Curation and Data PracticesShankar, Kalpana
30-Jun-2020Grade Language Heterogeneity in Simulation Models of Peer ReviewFeliciani, ThomasMoorthy, RamanathanLucas, PabloShankar, Kalpana
14-May-2013How In-Home Technologies Mediate Caregiving Relationships in Later LifeHuber, LesaShankar, KalpanaConnelly, KayCaine, Kelly E.Camp, L. JeanWalker, Beth AnnBorrero, Lisa
Mar-2015Hurling against a haystack: The incentives and challenges of open data in the Republic of IrelandO'Neill, BrittneyShankar, Kalpana
20-Feb-2020Inter-organisational coordination work in digital curation: The case of EurobarometerEschenfelder, Kristin R.Shankar, Kalpana
May-2013Making Sense of Mobile and Web Based Wellness Information Technology: A Cross Generational StudyKutz, Daniel O.Shankar, KalpanaConnelly, Kay
2018A nine dimensional framework for digital cultural heritage organizational sustainability: A content analysis of the LIS literature (2000–2015)Eschenfelder, Kristin R.Shankar, KalpanaWilliams, Rachel D.
19-Mar-2020Of Seamlessness and Frictions: Transborder Data Flows of European and US Social Science DataShankar, KalpanaEschenfelder, Kristin R.
13-Sep-2016Organizational resilience, financial strategies, and social science data archivesEschenfelder, Kristin R.Shankar, Kalpana
5-Jul-2021‘Pandemia’: a reckoning of UK universities’ corporate response to COVID-19 and its academic falloutWatermeyer, RichardShankar, KalpanaCrick, Tomet al.
2010Pervasive Computing and an Aging Populace: Methodological Challenges for Understanding Privacy ImplicationsShankar, Kalpana