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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2013Cyclic Nucleotide Dependent Dephosphorylation of Regulator of G-protein Signaling 18 in Human PlateletsGegenbauer, KristinaNagy, ZoltanSmolenski, Albert P.
25-Jan-2008Cyclic nucleotide-dependent Protein Kinases Inhibit Binding of 14-3-3 to the GTPase-activating Protein Rap1GAP2 in PlateletsHoffmeister, MeikeRiha, PavelNeumüller, OlgaSmolenski, Albert al.
11-Dec-2015Cyclic Nucleotide-dependent Protein Kinases Target ARHGAP17 and ARHGEF6 Complexes in PlateletsNagy, ZoltanWynne, KieranKriegsheim, Alexander vonGambaryan, StepanSmolenski, Albert P.
1-Feb-2003Endothelium-dependent and -independent relaxation and VASP serines 157/239 phosphorylation by cyclic nucleotide-elevating vasodilators in rat aortaSchäfer, AndreasBurkhardt, MickVollkommer, TobiasSmolenski, Albert al.
Jul-2017Lighting up kinase action in plateletsSmolenski, Albert P.
Feb-2005The NO/cGMP pathway inhibits Rap 1 activation in human platelets via cGMP-dependent protein kinase IDanielewski, OliverSchultess, JanSmolenski, Albert P.
2-Feb-2012Novel roles of cAMP/cGMP dependent signaling in plateletsSmolenski, Albert P.
4-May-2007Phosphodiesterase 2A forms a complex with the co-chaperone XAP2 and regulates nuclear translocation of the aryl hydrocarbon receptorOliveira, Simone Kobe deHoffmeister, MeikeGambaryan, StepanSmolenski, Albert al.
15-Feb-2009Phosphodiesterases link the aryl hydrocarbon receptor complex to cyclic nucleotide signalingOliveira, Simone Kobe deSmolenski, Albert P.
Apr-2004Quantitative analysis of the cardiac fibroblast transcriptome-implications for NO/cGMP signalingSmolenski, Albert P.Schultess, JanDanielewski, Oliveret al.
15-Apr-2005Rap1GAP2 is a new GTPase-activating protein of Rap1 expressed in human plateletsSchultess, JanDanielewski, OliverSmolenski, Albert P.
19-Apr-2012Regulator of G-protein signaling protein 18 integrates activating and inhibitory signaling in plateletsGegenbauer, KristinaElia, GiulianoBlanco-Fernandez, AlfonsoSmolenski, Albert P.
Nov-2020The RhoA regulators Myo9b and GEF-H1 are targets of cyclic nucleotide-dependent kinases in plateletsComer, ShaneNagy, ZoltanBolado, AlfonsoSmolenski, Albert al.
13-Aug-2009Synaptotagmin-like protein 1 interacts with the GTPase-activating protein Rap1GAP2 and regulates dense granule secretion in plateletsNeumüller, OlgaHoffmeister, MeikeBabica, JanGegenbauer, KristinaSmolenski, Albert al.
27-Jan-2013Synaptotagmin-like protein 4 and Rab8 interact and increase dense granule release in plateletsHampson, A.O'Connor, A.Smolenski, Albert P.